Francois Beauchemin left Anaheim for Colorado this summer, and one adage he followed was, “You can’t take it with you.” Anyway, not when “it” is your home. So, according to the OC Register of last weekend, he put his pad on the market. Knowing the details will remind fans just how far hockey players are from the rest of us.

The place is on a half-acre of land—not much for those of you reading from Wyoming, but a heck of a parcel given that we’re talking SoCal here. The home features 5,500 square feet (my modest Pasadena-area bungalow, by contrast, measures just under 1,400) and six bedrooms, two of which are master suites.

The outside features a salt-water pool and spa area, built-in BBQ (natch) and, obviously, generous space to roam around in. In fact, this place is so nice, it has features that won’t even make sense when heard of by middle-class fan/readers.

Do you know what a “loggia” is? Something outside the home, in the pool/BBQ area. How about a “travertine” floor inside? Nope, I don’t get it either. I guess my good old hardwood will have to suffice for now.

Beauchemin did enjoy the benefits of an outdoor fireplace, good for warming up on cold winter nights. (Live here a while and 60 degrees does start to feel chilly, I must say, but those of you reading from Edmonton won’t be having any of that, will you?).

One thing for potential guests of the new owners to be careful of: the home features a formal, sunken dining room. Pretty inconvenient if they’ve had a couple of glasses of pre-dinner wine, but I guess being aware of such things goes along with the territory when you’re a member of the country club set. Just watch the steps, because we don’t want anyone landing on his butt just before we wheel in the duck stuffed with foie gras.

The house has built-in bookshelves indoors. I’d like to know what’s on them, and whether it’s been read. But that’s just my English Professor persona talking. If I come over to your house, I’ll probably be found perusing your shelves, too. Not that I’m being judgey. (In fact, I am, but hey, you’re not going to invite me over anyway, right?).

The best part for Beauchemin? If he sells the place for its 3.39 million-dollar asking price, he’ll pocket a cool million bucks of profit on the house, which he bought in 2012 for $2.3 million.

Imagine that. Living in gated luxury far from the madding crowds, and making $300,000 a year just for doing so. No wonder so many people want to be hockey players.


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