Hometown Prospects, Big Hometown Dreams

Ask any hockey player what his dream is and he will almost always answer with one thing: playing in the National Hockey League.

Draft eligible players are more than happy to be part of any club, but the dream come true for most draftees is to have the chance to play for their hometown team. The chance to one day shine in front of their local crowd is exactly what prospects David Warsofsky, Tommy Cross, and Eric Robinson have.

Marshfield, Massachusetts native David Warsofsky arrived to the Bruins via a trade with St. Louis. Being traded to the team he had been rooting for his entire life was hard for the defenseman to come to grips with at first.

“It was kind of surreal. I didn’t know what to expect at first,” said Warsofsky, “it was a surprise for me and my family. I didn’t know how to react, but a couple of days later it kind of sank in a little bit more. All I can say is it is a dream come true. You always want to play for your hometown team and I have that opportunity.”

The former Boston University Terrier officially signed with Boston in the spring, leaving the Terriers to play with the Providence Bruins. He racked up 3 assists in his ten game span with the club. This year marks his first time attending the Bruins Development Camp and that means he is that much closer achieving his dreams.

“It’s a step to my main goal,” said Warsofsky, “every kid dreams of playing in the NHL, so to get here and get familiar with the organization and practice with the coaches is a step in the right direction.”

Tommy Cross, a Boston College defensemen, racked up 36 points last season for the Eagles. Cross is from Connecticut and has also been an opponent of Warsofsky’s many times while playing for the Eagles. Cross and Warsofsky both know the rivalry between BC and BU is huge, at least during college hockey season.

“We’re always going at it against each other in the Beanpot [Tournoment] and things like that,” said Warsofsky, “but when you’re here, you’re teammates and you help each other along and help each other improve.”

Tommy Cross seemed to feel the same way about his former rival saying, “We had some good battles over the years. He’s won his fair share and I’ve won my fair share, but there are no hard feelings. Its fun to go at each other during the year, but we’re on the same team now.”

Warsofsky and Cross may favor different college hockey teams, but both of them grew up Bruins fans, just like fellow prospect and Dartmouth College player, Eric Robinson. The three New Englanders grew up Boston Bruins fans. This year they got to witness the Bruins’ spectacular Stanley Cup run, as both fans and as members or the Bruins Organization.

“Just like any other fan who grew up in New England watching the Bruins do so well was exciting,” said Cross, “but then to be part of the organization definitely added some extra excitement.”

Even though being drafted by their hometown team can seem like a dream come true, all three players know that their road to the NHL and the TD Garden will not be easy.

“It’s kind of a different look at things, before [being drafted] you’re kind of on the other side of the fence watching in and now I could be in the game,” said Robinson, “It’s kind of hard to think about that, if you do stop and think like that you won’t last long. You have to realize why you’re here and put the star gazing behind you and focus on working hard.”

These three talented prospects know the amount of hard work and passion they will need in order to make it to the top level. Plus, after growing up a Boston Bruins fan, achieving Boston hometown glory is just what these young players want.