Small Saves: Hockey Fan Devotion

In the latest edition of Small Saves, the teachers at our diminutive hero's school underestimate the kids' devotion to their favorite team.

Movie Review: The Russian Five

Inside Hockey Editor-in-Chief Kevin Greenstein and senior writer Darryl Houston Smith recently watched the documentary The Russian Five, which tells the story of Sergei Fedorov, Vladimir Konstantinov, Slava Kozlov, Slava Fetisov and Igor Larionov joining forces on the Detroit Red Wings.

Small Saves: Elite Goalie

In the latest edition of Small Saves, our diminutive hero has to admit that some of his accolades might be coming from a biased source.

Small Saves: Hat Trick

In the latest edition of Small Saves, our diminutive hero is left out of the proverbial party when the hats start flying onto the ice.

Sharks-Blues: Why San Jose Will Win in 5

The San Jose Sharks and St. Louis Blues are set to face off yet again in the Western Conference final, a rematch of the 2016 final-four matchup. If you are a Sharks fan who listened to the post-game show on 98....

Book Review: The Down Goes Brown History of the NHL

In The Down Goes Brown History of the NHL, author Sean McIndoe (of Down Goes Brown)  takes us on a whirlwind tour of the NHL's history, looking at everything from the formation and evolution of the "Original Six" to the 1967 expansion to the Canadiens', Islanders' and Oilers' dynasties to the present day.

Small Saves: New Outdoor Rink

In the latest edition of "Small Saves," our diminutive hero is really excited about the construction of a new outdoor rink.

Retro Rangers: The New Kid in Town – Gene Carr

Gene Carr could have been a huge star in New York. He had long blonde hair and blazing speed but he had trouble putting the puck in the net and suffered a pair of serious injuries and so his time with the Range...

Small Saves: Thankless Position

In the latest edition of Small Saves, our diminutive hero bemoans the lack of appreciation he receives in goal, but then gets an inadvertent compliment.