Recently, the NCSA came out with their power rankings. Here’s how the Top five shook out.

The NCSA Power Rankings rank schools overall, by sport and by division – including a list of the Best Men’s College Ice Hockey Programs in the U.S. for Student-Athleteswhich I thought you might find interesting.

This year, Princeton University topped the Best Men’s College Ice Hockey list at #1 with Harvard University, University of Michigan, Yale University and University of Notre Dame rounding out the Top 5.

Unlike traditional power rankings, which list schools based purely on athletic performance, the 2019 NCSA Power Rankings evaluate colleges and universities on a range of criteria that student-athletes find most important when considering potential schools including athletics, academic strength and affordability. NCSA  studies have shown that athletes who choose a school based on these factors – and not just a team’s record – are 18% more likely to stay on their college team year over year.

You can check out the Best Women’s College Ice Hockey Programs list and all of the 2019 NCSA Power Rankings.

How did the National Collegiate Hockey Conference shake out?

NCHC Team Rankings

23 Colorado College
26 Miami
41 Denver
43 Minnesota Duluth
73 North Dakota
78 St. Cloud State
92 Western Michigan
Unranked Omaha

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