The Referee’s Crease: Best Seat

These are two short stories involving goalies in novice house league level…


Submitted by Philip Butts from his first year of officiating

The play stays mostly in one end of the rink for the first few minutes of a regular season game.  Finally the defending team gets the puck and starts up the ice.  At that point the referee notices that the goalie at the far end is standing on the outside of the net.  It looks like he is just leaning against the outside of the post.  As the play progresses towards him, the goalie still does not move into position between the posts or even anywhere in the crease.  Consequently, the opposing player shoots the puck into the empty net and scores a goal.

The referee goes to the young goalie, who is visibly upset that the puck went in the net.  It is then that he sees why the goalie has not moved… the side of his face mask was caught in the netting on the outside of the post!  The poor little guy was crying while he was asking if the goal counted.


Submitted by Peter Brownrigg

On house league teams in a Scarborough league it is common practice to have a different player play goal each game. Most of the kids would look forward to their turn.

On this particular week before the game starts the coach was telling me apparently this kid plays goal in road hockey all the time and can’t wait to show him how good he is.  The game begins and the other team goes a long time without scoring.  Every time the play got near the net, the goalie would lie down across the crease and lay there with his pads stacked one on top the other.  Most little guys at this age do not yet have the skill to raise the puck.  The goalie’s strategy was working… that is until one player who could raise the puck  caught on and when he got close enough, he shot the puck just over the pads.  Right away the goalie jumped up and shouted  “Too High.”



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