The NHL Superskills Competition

While most people favor the NHL All-Star game, I would much rather watch the Superskills Competition. Last Saturday, I made the event a priority in my schedule, was planted in front of my television right on time—eyes wide open.

Nothing could be more exciting to me than watching the best of the NHL exercise their skills; but mind you, I thoroughly enjoy watching practices too, so maybe I’m a different breed of fan.

Everything about the competition was appealing to me. I was just in total awe of the skill that was being relayed to me over the television. The breakaway competition was one of the highlights for me. Of course Alex Ovechkin’s performance was nothing short of hilarious. His ‘Canadian’ getup and show with rumored rival Evgeni Malkin, won over the hearts of the fans. But I have to say, I personally went with Ryan Getzlaf; and considering he got Sidney Crosby’s vote also, it couldn’t have been that shabby.

The hardest shot competition always blows my mind. Zdeno Chara shot a new Superskills record with 105.4 miles per hour. It makes me laugh that some people actually criticized the fact that three out of the six shooters, came shy of 100 mph. Well those people seem to have no sense of speed, because anything upwards in the 90 mph zone, is really fast; not to mention none of those critics were in the competition, so dare I call them hypocrites.

When it’s all said and done, all I want to do is talk about how great the whole thing was. But somehow, all I can seem to find are people that had nothing good to say at all about it. “It’s boring,” they all said. Seriously?

When did we get to the point that a group of the most talented hockey players of our time, hanging out together and showing off for a crowd, is boring? Not only was the skills themselves not boring, but just getting to see the personalities of these icons shine through, was entertaining enough. It’s not often when we get a glimpse of them as real people; only ever the famed athletes they have come to be.

Shane Doan skating to the bench and hugging his daughter after every goal he scored, the smile on Shea Webber’s face when he realized Chara had beat him in the hardest shot—moments like that made it real. Despite the critics, I am and will continue to be a huge fan of the NHL Superskills.


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