The Jacket, The Chain & The Rooster

Photo via NHLBruins

Photo via NHLBruins

Being part of a team allows very little deviation in the clothing department; it’s what makes a team, well, a team. The same uniform is a symbol of unity, but what happens when one player exceeds all expectations on any given night? If you’re a member of the Boston Bruins, your success on the ice isn’t lost in the final sounds of the buzzer, but remembered for all to see post game. For the last three seasons, Bruins veteran defenceman Andrew Ference, has found a way to make sure everyone knows which teammate reigns court in the locker room after a successful night. While his item choices have been questionable, they certainly have remained memorable for fans and players alike.

During the 2010-11 season, it was a vintage 1980’s starter jacket, found on eBay that graced the shoulders of the black and gold elite. The jacket, was purchased with the mindset that the team was a tight knit crew. No matter how big or small, everyone could wear it and quite a few did. Even 6-foot-9 Captain Zdeno Chara donned the now infamous threads after a game, albeit not the best fit. One member of the team that season it fit like a glove, the Stanley Cup. Boston won the most treasured trophy in all of sports during the traditions inaugural season. Perhaps that had a lot to do with keeping the tradition alive.

Photo via Massholesports

Photo via Massholesports

The Jacket was retired, but inspiration struck again for Ference during 2011-12. Last season, an over-sized chain was the accessory of choice for the player of the game honors. The chain, which featured 20 links, and a lock that held the famous spoked “B”, was used to portray the mindset that no one wants to be the weak link. 20 links, 20 players each night. A nice sentiment, although short lived as Boston took their exit during the 1st round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs.

Now mid-way through the 2012-13 season, it’s safe to say that finding an item for player of the game honors has become a tradition. While one of a kind items have taken center ice in the past, this year fans can get in on the action.

During post-game availability following their 4-1 win over Washington, Gordie Howe Hat Trick recipient Nathan Horton was rocking a fairly peculiar t-shirt in the dressing room. A giant red Rooster to be exact.

The shirt, which hails from New Hampshire based company The Mountain, can be purchased for just $20. Perhaps an interesting choice in the eyes of many, the rooster has been seen as a lucky charm for centuries.

Photo via NHLBruins

Photo via NHLBruins

“It’s just something I found online and thought the guys would have some fun with it. The rooster is supposed to symbolize good luck in Europe,” said Ference. “That’s why you often see a rooster in the kitchen at people’s houses.”

The shirt will be happily passed around the locker room to those deserving. Each player will be more than willing to wear it as a symbol of recognition from his team mates. More likely than not, fans will also be wearing the rooster in flocks at the TD Garden, hoping to add a little extra luck on game nights. Buy yours while you can, Boston’s bringing rooster back, one t-shirt at a time.


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