The Bruins are Buzzing

After Saturday’s Game 2 of the Stanley Cup Finals, it is evident that the momentum is shifting towards Boston. With a 2-0 victory last night in Game 3 and a shutout win for the deserving Tuukka Rask, the boys gear up for Game 4 on Wednesday night at TD Garden.

There is quite a buzz created for any Stanley Cup Playoff series, but the internet buzz for the Boston Bruins is growing by the day. Hockey Night in Canada recently asked the boys of the Boston Bruins who their favorite hockey player was growing up. Most of the answers were typical, and then some were just down right surprising. Nathan Horton paid his respects to former Bruins player, Marty McSorley (I wonder whatever happened with his assault charges?). David Krejci responded with Jaromir Jagr, because naturally he was everyone’s idol growing up in the 90s. Jagr followed up with a shocking response. “Hi, I’m Jaromir Jagr and my favorite player growing up was Jaromir Jagr.” Yes, Jagr, you are a hockey legend and my hope is that your name and number will hang from the Garden’s rafters some day, but really? You are going to name yourself?

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For those of you who do not have Twitter accounts it is time for you to step up your game and follow @notjagr1. The twitter name says enough, it obviously isn’t the legend himself, but the man or woman behind the account certainly knows how to get a chuckle out of their 4,484 followers. Be sure to read them in your best Czechian accent.

98.5’s the Sports Hub, Toucher and Rich, are constantly creating imitation Jagr conversations. Fake as they may be, my guess is they aren’t fair off the beaten path. As hysterical as these faux conversations are, Fred and Rich really hit the comedy jackpot in creating their version of the very annoying radio hit, “Gangnam Style” called “Win it Bruins Style.” After little persuasion, they two radio hosts were able to record and edit Mike ‘Behind the Mic’ Callahan singing the song. Hey David Krejci!!

With sports radio creating a quite a thrill, naturally so has the world of social media. According to, a marketing professional hockey blog, the Boston Bruins have stepped up both their hockey game and their social media presence. The Boston Bruins have tweeted twice as much as any other playoff team since the post season began, they have the second largest Facebook fan base behind the Detroit Red Wings, the most Instagram followers in the NHL, as well as the biggest increase in Instagram followers since the start of the postseason.

Although, the Bruins’ social media success is not a directly correlated with their playoff hockey success, it certainly proves that the team has the backing of the fans from every avenue. Game 4 is often a game changer and can shift the momentum in either direction, but with the faith of the fans, both in real life and media land, the B’s have enough ammunition to wrap this thing up and bring Lord Stanley’s Cup back to Boston.

On a completely random side note, can we talk about the beast that is Zdeno Chara? My god, do I love some good physical playoff hockey.


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