The Beer and Chicken of the Bruins

In the Boston Red Sox collapse, it became clear that the team drank beer in the club house and bought fried chicken a few times. Though that likely happens with every baseball team, this became the face of the Red Sox collapse, blown way out of proportion.

Right now, the Boston Bruins are in the midst of their own collapse. Okay, maybe that’s a bit dramatic. But the Ottawa Senators can overtake them in the division with a win tomorrow night, and the Bruins still need 10 points in the next 12 games to get in.

But let’s say the Bruins do collapse like the Red Sox. Heads will roll. Claude Julien will be gone, and who knows who else. If this happens, there will have to be a face to it. You know, get the talk show hosts and media fired up. So what will be the Bruins “Beer and Chicken”?

Tim Thomas and the White House. Has that affected anything? Of course not! The Bruins players and media have even come out and said that the Bruins have known Thomas’ views for years. Yes, the Bruins started their slump around this time, but it had begun a week or so before.

But like I said, this needs a face. It needs a beer and chicken. If the Bruins don’t make the playoffs, get ready. Get ready to hear about Tim Thomas, the White Hourse, Politics, and Facebook. Start preparing, it could happen.


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