Ten Reasons to Watch the Bruins in 2013

The NHL Lockout is over, and that means the Boston Bruins are back. However, a lot of you are saying you won’t watch them again. I am here to give you ten reasons to watch the Bruins in this 2013 season…

No Joe Corvo

That has to make any B’s fan happy after they suffered through his turn overs and poor defense last season. If you watched him all last year, then why turn off the Bruins the year when he’s gone? In all seriousness, this was addition by subtraction here, as the Bruins defense looks as strong as ever without that “puck mover.”

Horton Back in Action

Boston really missed the impact of Nathan Horton in the playoffs last season and all signs point to him being healthy this year. If he is back on the ice with Milan Lucic and David Krejci expect some of that first line magic back.

Tuukka Time

Tim Thomas is likely not playing this season so that means the starting goalie reigns go to Tuukka Rask. He is one of just 13 goalies to be playing during the lockout so he will be sharp. Can Tuukka be the starter? This is something B’s fans have wondered for a long time.

Doing the Dougie

With Adam McQuaid hurt there is a good chance former first round pick of the Bruins Dougie Hamilton will get a shot at cracking roster. He impressed in the World Junior Championships with Canada, but this will be his first time playing among men.

13 Players in Europe Is Big

The thirteen Bruins players who went to Europe during the lockout is more players than the rest of the teams in the National Hockey League. Does this mean that they will be more sharp when they take to the ice?

Baby Bruins Impact

Jordan Caron may be on the shelf, but plenty of other Providence stars will get a chance. Matt Bartkowski and Garnet Exelby should both make the team while Chris Bourque might get a chance at that last third line spot. Meanwhile, Ryan Spooner or Jared Knight might also get chances.

Seguin, Lucic and Marchand Locked Up

Lucic, Tyler Seguin and Brad Marchand all signed lengthy contracts before the start of the lockout. So when they begin play in 2013 it will be the first time these franchise players are playing with security. How this does affect their game?

Avenging Washington

No one wanted last season to end on Garden ice in game seven overtime. The team isn’t happy after they were just outplayed by Washington on the defensive end, so there is no doubt they have it in their hearts to come back strong.

More Habs Games

There will be seven games with each division rival which means one extra game with the Montreal Canadiens this season. Really, are you not going to watch Bruins-Habs?

This Team is Really Good, Actually

The Bruins might be one of the deepest teams in the east along with New York, Pittsburgh and Carolina, among others. They have almost the entire same team coming back next season and everyone is locked up long term. This could be a fun team to watch folks. Don’t give up on hockey yet.


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2 Responses to “Ten Reasons to Watch the Bruins in 2013”

  1. Matt
    January 8, 2013 at 12:25 pm #

    Sorry, gave up on Hockey as nothing in your top ten claimed anything regarding lower ticket, beer, or parking prices. The NHL needs to EARN its fan’s back. Not simply say – hey, we’re back in buiness. This league F’d its fans AND ALL THE LOCAL BUINESSES AND VENDORS, AND CONCESSION STAND WORKERS, ETC. Livelyhoods were completely screwed by these money grabbing egotisical A-Holes!

  2. Marisa Ingemi
    January 11, 2013 at 12:44 am #

    This is talking about reasons to follow the team, not buy beers at the Garden.