NHL Playoffs Delivering on All Fronts

We’re in the midst of the best professional sports postseason in years and the vast majority of sports fans are missing it.

Some have wasted their time watching the mind-numbing action of spring baseball, some still await pro football players and owners to stop arguing over $900 million, and some have inexplicably chosen to watch the NBA Playoffs over hockey.

My question is why? Consider:

  • The NHL recently concluded a whirlwind stretch with overtime in 15 of 16 nights from April 19th through May 4th. The NBA hasn’t had consecutive nights with OT in its postseason. In total, the NHL Playoffs have featured 20 overtime games thus far, the NBA, four.
  • With the Detroit Red Wings come-from-behind win last night, we’ll see the fifth Game 7 of the NHL Playoffs tomorrow night; the NBA Playoffs have had none.
  • Detroit was down three games to none and forced a Game 7, the second team to accomplish that feat this postseason and third in two years. No NBA team has ever done that.
  • The big villain and title favorite in the NBA is the Miami Heat, which imported stars LeBron James and Chris Bosh this summer to vault itself into title contention. In the NHL, all five remaining teams are reliant on homegrown talent that has played together for years.

The full support of the Worldwide Leader might capture the attention of America’s sports fans, but that’s not forthcoming. Those of us lucky enough to recognize how wonderful the NHL Playoffs have been will agree that there’s no way to put magic into words.

You have to experience it firsthand to recognize it, and Game 7 Thursday night between the San Jose Sharks and Detroit Red Wings is a good place to start.


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