Something Old, New… and Orange?

The Ducks’ annual Black Friday game had a little a little something new this year. The Ducks unveiled a third jersey in their game against the Chicago Blackhawks. Fans got a hint of what might be coming when they came out for warm-ups in orange socks.

Fortunately, the jerseys were not orange, but rather black, much like the Ducks regular home jerseys, but with a little twist.

Rather than “Ducks” being spread out on the on the front of the jersey, the duck-foot D logo covered most of the chest area. The rest of the jersey had been altered a bit as well.  Orange striping had been added to the seams as well as orange shirt cuffs and side panels, but this third jersey, their first in seven years, also honored a bit of Ducks history.

“Most of the guys liked them and thought they were really cool,” goaltender Jonas Hiller claimed about his teammates’ initial reaction to seeing the jerseys.

“They kind of surprised me,” added coach Randy Carlyle, “I thought they were colorful, to say the least.”

Patches of the original Ducks logo, the famed Wild Wing goal mask and crossed sticks, were sewn onto each shoulder of the jersey.

The jerseys got a welcome response from the fans, but the Ducks were probably hoping to get a little luck from their brand new jerseys as well.

The Ducks have had nothing short of a roller coaster of a season so far: lose three in a row, win six straight, lose five, of course with some back and forth in between. The Ducks came into the game against the Blackhawks having only gained two points in their last five contests, including an overtime loss against the Blackhawks that took place on November 14 in Chicago.

The Ducks could have used a stroke of luck from their brand new jersey, or a least a little positive point consistency and for awhile, it looked like it might be plausible, the game was tied at one at the start of the third, with the Ducks on the power play. However, the Blackhawks found their stride in the third period and came back with a vengeance, scoring three times in the first 10 minutes, giving them a three-goal lead with only half a period to play.

Afterwards, Hiller was pulled from the net and replaced by Curtis McElhinney, but it was too little too late as the Ducks fell 4-1 to the reigning Stanley Cup Champions.

“It’s too bad we couldn’t play as well as the jersey looked,” Hiller commented.

The Ducks will play Saturday night against the red hot Phoenix Coyotes, who have won seven games in a row.


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