Sharks-Flames: Deal or No Deal?

SAN JOSE- Awhile back, a number of Sharks fans hated on my idea about a potential Jason Demers-Cal Clutterbuck swap, but it was a pretty equal swap at the time if you ask me. And I never discuss these hypothetical deals without looking at how it works for both sides.

It’s been some time since I’ve ventured down this road (that of proposing a hypothetical trade) but San Jose and Calgary’s recent struggles have got me thinking.

Jarome Iginla wants to win the Stanley Cup, and that’s not happening in Calgary anytime soon. The Flames need some goaltending as Miikka Kiprusoff won’t be around forever and has been up and down in recent years.

San Jose is deep at the goaltending position.

But how do these two make a swap that works out financially and betters both teams? Sharks in the now and Calgary for the future?

That’s simple. A package of Ryane Clowe, Douglas Murray, either Justin Braun or Jason Demers and top goaltending prospect Alex Stalock to Calgary for Iginla and a mid-round draft choice to even things up.

Clowe is making $3.62M, Murray $2.5M and Braun/Demers $1.25M each. That combines to about $7.4 million, and Iginla is making an even $7.0M for the Flames.

Clowe, Murray and Iginla are all UFA’s at the end of the season. Demers will be an RFA, Braun is signed at $1.25M for two more seasons, Stalock will be an RFA.

San Jose has a window to push through and win a cup with Joe Thornton, Patrick Marleau and Dan Boyle but those three are getting up there, and they could use the help of a fiery goal scorer to get it done.

The Flames are a mess right now and nearly made a terrible blunder (depending on who you ask) with the Ryan O’Reilly offer sheet.

Clowe can play in the top-six and take some of the minutes deserted by Iginla up front, but he’s having an off year. That said, he should be easy to re-sign for Calgary if they choose to keep him around. Murray is struggling but is still a decent, physical 6-7th defender to have around. Demers is still young and has some upside as a puck mover. And then there is the crown jewel in San Jose’s top prospect Alex Stalock.

Yes, as I have admitted on here, the Sharks are the team I grew up rooting for but I’m not saying this trade should or shouldn’t happen. This article is merely my thoughts on a deal that I think could work out for both sides if it were executed.

Iginla can get his cup in San Jose and Braun/Demers/Stalock can flourish in the future with Calgary.

As a hockey fan it sucks to see a great veteran player in Iginla stuck with a struggling organization. It also sucks that a log jam in the San Jose net has prevented Stalock an opportunity to make his name at the NHL level.

Flames fans can rag on me and call me bias, but I like this potential trade from both ends.

***And yes, I realize Iginla has a NMC**

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2 Responses to “Sharks-Flames: Deal or No Deal?”

  1. sharkfan
    March 3, 2013 at 4:02 am #

    like the idea of trading clowe, who definitely wants a big pay increase, pretty much why he was scared to play for the bulls, and getting rid of murray is a blessing as he’s about a 2.5 million dollar bag of pucks, however where this deal gets sour for me is having to trade demers or braun, in my opinion demers will be the overall better defenseman in his career, but we would be extremely thin at the blue once murraay is gone and the unknown that is burns. I also wouldn’t trade stalock, I would be more willing to trade niemi in a different deal and bring stalock up and start greiss. greiss has served his time and deserves the starting role.

  2. Andrew Bensch
    March 3, 2013 at 11:28 am #

    thanks for commenting Sharkfan! Demers/Murray/Braun have all been healthy scratches at some point, and as for the two young puck movers, they could develop into top 4 dmen but they could also never reach that potential. So there is risk giving up one of them, but not too much. Stalock is a big time prospect but will he ever play with SJ considering Niemi doesnt look to be going anywhere? At some point dont they have to get value for stalock while he is still somewhat young? Im a big fan of Greiss as well, another reason I just dont see Stalock getting a shot with Sharks.