Reflections: Honesty’s the Best Poilcy

After a Game 4 loss to the Tampa Bay Lightning on Saturday afternoon, Brad Marchand’s words explained it perfectly.

“They wanted it more.”

We all saw it with our own eyes. From the start of the second period the Lightning out worked, out gutted, and out wanted the Boston Bruins. But to admit to not wanting it as much? Is that something the Bruins should be comfortable pleading guilty of?

You can be outsized. You can be out skilled. But at that point with only six victories left between you and the Stanley Cup Nobody should be wanting it more than you.

Would all those TD Garden Banners strongly proclaiming to the Bruins faithful “WE WANT IT AS BAD AS YOU” need to be pulled down and rephrased?



My guess is that in his heart of hearts, Brad Marchand does want a Stanley Cup as much as true Bruins fans, but in this moment of truthfulness Marchand was willing to show us the true nature of his teams downfall in game four. Mental lapses and lack of work and want, though we hate to hear it, are probably the most common reason the other team wins and ours doesn’t.

Bruins fans should consider themselves lucky though. This brutal honesty is much more than other Boston Sports clubs are willing to delve into for their fans. We have more information on Area 51 than we do on what goes on behind closed doors in Foxboro, and good luck trying to find out what really makes the Red Sox locker room tick in the early months of dreary skied baseball.

When the Lightning jumped out to a 1-0 lead just a minute into Game 5 at the Garden — following a first shift where the Bruins looked more like the Peterborough Petes — the Boston crowd was brutally honest about how they felt. The least the Bruins can do is be brutally honest in return.

Hockey players specifically seem to have this trait of honesty whether it be looking inward or directed at other players.

Earlier this week San Jose Sharks forward Ryane Clowe had no restraints when telling the media he thought Cancucks forward Max Lapierre was a coward after an altercation in the Western conference Final.

Last year’s Stanley Cup Final prompted Blackhawks forward Adam Burish call the Flyers defenseman Chris Pronger “the biggest idiot in the league.” Jeeze tell us how you really feel Adam. “I can’t stand the guy one bit. I hope I never have to see him again,” he said. “If I do see him again I might punch him.”

Bruins fans idolize their team for the honestly in their likewise feelings towards other players and teams. Particularly of Montreals PK Subban, David Krejci said ” “I’m not going to say what I think about him, but I don’t like him,” while Tim Thomas took another step to call the Montreal rookies play “a travesty to the game.”

Even the most casually framed question answered honestly can often times serve as chum in the water for circling sportswriters.

Thomas was asked before Game 5 how he envisioned the series ending up against the Lightning. Instead of tip toeing around an answer of both teams being talented, and taking things one game at a time, he flat out said he envisioned the Bruins winning.

Honesty in the confidence of himself and his team flip turned upside down into a media firestorm of bold lettered headlines reading “GUARANTEE!!” A mere acknowledgment of confidence in his team’s abilities and people were acting as if Thomas was walking around the Garden like George Foreman belting “I GUARANTEE IT!”

“The way the question was framed was more to the effect of how do I see the rest of the series going. In my mind I was thinking about it how I visualize [and] of course I’m going to visualize us winning the series.” explained Thomas after the Bruins win in Game 5. “I’m not going to sit there and visualize us losing.”

Thomas is confident in the Bruins chances and Bruins fans should be confident in them as well.

I’m sure Marchand could have used some other verbiage to soften the shock of how the Bruins blew a 3-0, but Marchand doesn’t seem the type to sugar coat things.

I’d be more worried if he tried to pass the game four collapse as something that it wasn’t. They know what happened. They know they can’t afford to let it happen again.

Like Zach Galifianakis’s character in the film “The Hangover” admitting to drugging his pals before they went out on the town, Marchand had the courage to admit in front of the sea of mic’s that they let their minds slip and their fans had to suffer the consequences.

Metaphorically speaking, instead of making excuses, or slamming his stick into the boards almost killing Tuukka Rask, Bad Marchand said “Im sorry, WE FUDGED UP GUY’S!”

If the Bruins punch their ticket to the Stanley Cup finals tonight after Game 6 they’ll be sure to let you know how it feels. As a Bruins fan you’ll be feeling it too.

If they don’t, at least we’re all being honest.


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