Random Thoughts

This has been an interesting year for many reasons. Personally, my twin daughters are about to turn one in a few weeks. I can’t believe how quickly time has gone by. I also can’t believe Ryan Hollweg collects an NHL paycheck (58 games, 1 goal, -7 rating, 115 PIMs).

It seems in a blink of an eye, a year has passed. With the trade deadline approaching in less than a week, the hockey season is going by just as fast. When I finally get Brooke and Abigail to bed, my Center Ice package goes on. I’ve seen a lot of things this year and with the trade deadline coming quickly I have a few questions and observations. I’m not 102 and don’t wear suspenders so I apologize for the Larry King-like delivery on some of these.

Of all players approaching the coveted 500 goal mark, who would’ve thought Peter Bondra would’ve hit that mark before Mike Modano or Jeremy Roenick? Modano at least has a good excuse with injuries. JR told us he was ready to prove that he still had enough in him when he signed a one-year deal with Phoenix. He’s proved he’s a good tipper. Unfortunately, it’s just at restaurants while his team is playing.

For my money, there isn’t a better jersey in the league than the Chicago Blackhawks. Too bad for the fans money; it goes to Bill Wirtz.

Can the powers that be, stop trying to continually change the game! Jerseys that reduce 9% wind resistance, making the nets bigger, All-Star games during mid-week, three points for a win, are things that aren’t as important as getting a national TV deal that people can actually see, having a team in Winnipeg over Nashville, and reducing ticket prices. The real NHL fan wants the game the way it was in the late 80s to mid 90s, not the Gary Bettman NBA playoff format, dance music at arenas, and dizzying scoreboards. I’m all for fan base growth, as long as it doesn’t compromise the integrity of what made hockey great, it’s rich traditions.

If no one is in an ice rink and Zdeno Chara falls, does it still make a noise?

Can someone slap the government of Pittsburgh and Pennsylvania in the head and tell them to build a new arena ASAP? With Crosby, Malkin, Staal, and Fleury, I’m reminded of Lemieux, Francis, Jagr, and Barrasso. I can’t think of an NHL team that has a brighter present or future.

The knock on Phil Kessel is he was too immature and that’s why he “plummeted” to the #5 overall pick in the past NHL entry draft. Well, I don’t know too many 19-year-olds who overcome testicular cancer, play three weeks later, and score three game deciding shootout goals for Bruin victories.

Is there a better GM in the league than the Ducks’ Brian Burke? Since he took over, he’s dropped dead weight in payroll (Fedorov, Ozolinsh), done solid drafting and youth development (Bobby Ryan, Kevin Dineen AHL coach), re-signed core talent (Selanne, Pahlsson) and added key players via free agency and trades (Pronger, Niedermayer). The Stanley Cup could be in Anaheim this year.

Was there a worse GM in the league than former Bruins GM Mike O’Connell? Trading Joe Thornton could be the dumbest move in NHL trading history and will cripple the Bruins for years. Not only that, poor new GM Peter Chiarelli had to get rid of two players received in Brad Stuart and Wayne Primeau due to pending free agency. The Bruins won’t be winning anytime soon.

Can someone tell Joe Sakic he’s about to turn 38 and no one that age should be playing as great as he is? It’s just amazing.

I wish Garth Snow was my manager. My boss asked me to “get the hell out” of his office when I asked him for a 15 year/$60 million dollar contract.

Thankfully God Rory Fitzpatrick didn’t make the All-Star team. That would’ve been almost as bad as when Sergei Krivokrasov made the team in 1999 because he was Russian on the World team.

Last year, the Carolina Hurricanes won the Stanley Cup over the Edmonton Oilers. This year, Carolina is in eighth place fighting for a playoff spot. Edmonton is in ninth place but seven points out.

What a difference a year makes. Enjoy the rest of the season. It goes by quickly.


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