Pictures Speak Louder than Words

Pictures speak louder than words. This is usually the case
when a great moment is captured such as a game winning goal in game 7 of the
Stanley Cup finals, or when the Boston Red Sox won their first World Series in
86 years. The same can be said for Legacy Editions recent release of Gold: A celebration of the 1980 U.S. Olympic
Hockey Team

The book has 17 images from the Miracle on Ice team that
were each crafted and recreated in handmade material.

It was easier said than done however, as editor Andrew
Conway and the rest of his staff worked endlessly to create a once in a
lifetime experience from the 1980 team, into, well a once in a lifetime
experience with the book.

“These are books that are handmade and made of silk,” said
Conway. “It is a book of multiple artists,
and each image in the book is beautiful.

“One of the challenges was where we would get these images.
Another challenge was what would we do with these images and how would we focus
on these. Everything had to be done perfectly from the images to the captions.”

While the images are amazing, what would be a book about the
1980 team without a brief appearance (aside from the photos)?

Another challenge for Conway and the rest of his team was to
try to recapture the moments of the team in the players’ own words from Mike
Eurizione to Jim Craig – with the exception of Mark Wells. Even broadcasting
legend Al Michaels and former president Jimmy Carter were featured in this and
had something to say in the introduction (Michaels) and the afterword (Carter).

“There was a lot of effort to try to get everyone we could
involved in the book,” Conway said. “Players gave great insight on the game
against the Soviet Union, and even capturing the moment in general, and they
told me they didn’t even realize how big of an event it was until they went to
the White House and saw the turnout for that.

“We had to put in a lot of effort to get Al Michaels and
Jimmy Carter to get involved with the book too. What they had to say about that
team is simply amazing too. Both of which signed copies for each other.”

Not only does the book have images, but also each member of
the Olympic team had their signatures in the book, all done in pencil, to help
celebrate the 30th Anniversary of the Gold Medal team.

“The signatures were a big challenge,” noted Conway. “The
reason being is that the players involved are all over the world these days,
but we got them all. Each signature is signed in pencil because you know it
won’t bleed, unlike a pen.”

Copies for this book are extremely limited; in fact very few
of these are for sale. For those who are lucky to get the book, they will truly
be amazed at the stunning images as well as the signatures and the commentary.

“We only have about seventy of these for sale,” said Conway.
“Anyone who gets a copy of this will be truly amazed.”

For Conway, the job was simply a job of passion, as he
wanted to be a part of something special. In fact, it was more of a “labor of
love” as he described it.

“This experience can’t be described in words,” said Conway
on his long journey on getting the opportunity in working on this unique, once
in a lifetime book. “Anyone who gets this will truly be amazed.”

From the teams upset against the Soviet Union, to their Gold
Medal win, to the trip to the White House and everything in between, the images capture the moment in Gold:
A celebration of the 1980 U.S. Olympic Hockey Team


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