Style Guide for Photographers


In order to improve the quality of the visual content on Inside Hockey, we need a more consistent and clear style for images and captions. We will essentially be following the Associated Press standard transmission guidelines.


When covering a game there are essentially three types of images we are looking for: feature images, action shots, and stock player pictures.

Feature images (submit 1 or 2) are the pictures that will be used for the headers on the site. These are the most important because they will be used for the game coverage articles and for your gallery.  When selecting your feature image remember the image will be cropped to 620×325 avoid vertically oriented shots.  The images should be emailed to as soon as possible.

Example of a feature Image.

Action Shots (submit 10-15) are aptly titled images that cover the game. These images are the content for your gallery that will be posted on the site. Some tips: Try to avoid having 10 images of players just standing around. Try to cover: shots on goal, saves, hits, celebrations, fights, etc. Note: The site will not display more than 20 images in a gallery. The images will be uploaded to flickr and posted on the Inside Hockey site. Try to have the images posted by 1am of your time zone.

Example of Gallery Post and Image with caption.

Player Stock Images are images that we keep on file for future stories. Each team will have a dedicated set with 2 of the best shots of every player (one clean head shot and one action shot). These sets will be updated through out the season. There is no rush for this set, update when images come available.

Examples of Player Stock Images


Captions: First sentence describes the image (who, what, where). Second sentence describes the game (Final Score). If there are more than two players in a picture include their numbers- example: Joe Smith (123) and John Smith (321).

Boston College forward Cam Atkinson celebrates his third period goal on January 8th, 2010 at Fenway Park in Boston, MA. The Terriers beat the #7 ranked Eagles 3-2. (Inside Hockey/ Brian Fluharty)

Keywords: Team Name, Team City, Arena Name, Game Location, Date of Game (YYYY/MM/DD), League, Game ID*, All Players in Picture, Photographer**

Bruins, Ducks, Boston, Anaheim, TD Garden, NHL, 2010/09/09, Patrice Bergeron, Ryan Whitney, 2010_09_09_BOS_ANA, Peter-Keeling

*Game ID is MMDDYY followed by home team 3 letter abbreviation and away team 3 letter abbreviation. The Game ID is only used for images for the website galleries not for feature images or stock images.

**Photographer is your IH website login.

Document Title/ Object Name: For gallery shots copy the caption to this section. For player stock images use League: Player Name (NHL: Tuukka Rask) and For feature images use League: Date Game (NHL: Jan 21, 2010 Blue Jackets at Bruins)

Example of caption and keyword editing using Adobe Photoshop CS5. Note: Caption is copied in “Document Title”

Example of caption and keyword editing using Camera Bits Photo Mechanic. Note: Caption is copied in “Object Name”

Example of caption and keyword editing in Flickr. Note: Description is copied in “Title”

File Name: Away Team_at_Home Team (blue_jackets_at_bruins.jpg). If the image is a stock photo use the player name last_first.  (Rask_tuukka.jpg).

File Type: Jpeg (.jpg)

Quality: Use medium compression (7 or 8)

Minimum Dimensions: Vertical shots – 1200 pixels tall and Horizontal shots – 1200 pixels wide.

Color Balance: Please color correct your images. Most cameras shoot overly “warm” hockey images. Use a custom white balance setting off of the ice.

Example of “correct” exposure and white balance.

Exposure: Check the histogram for a proper exposure.  Most camera underexpose hockey shots by ½ to 1 stop.

Sharpening: Light sharpening is fine (smart sharpen or unsharp mask) for actions shots. Do not sharpen stock shots.


Feature Image: Email Image directly to This image may be needed for other news stories so fast turn around is helpful.

Action Shots and Stock Images: Each goes in a separate “set” on flickr.

Uploading to Flickr

Uploading your photos:

You can do this 1 of 2 ways. Through the flickr website, click the link “Upload Photos” on the main page. It will walk you through an upload process.

The much easier way is with the Flickr Uploader program. You can download the program at

Username: **********

Password: *********

NOTE: We’ve simplified the slickr-flickr code. Now, all you have to put is the tag, you don’t need to put the ID and captions commands.

We would also like for you to modify your tags a bit. Please use this format moving forward:


So if it were the Boston Bruins playing the Philadelphia Flyers in Philly on February 25, 2011, the tag would look as follows:


It’d be great if everyone could use this same format moving forward, it’ll work well no matter what team(s) or league(s) you’re covering.

Posting on Inside Hockey

Login to the Inside Hockey Backend:

Click: Posts, then Add New

Here’s a sample title to show the proper format:

Photo Gallery: Boston Bruins @ Philadelphia Flyers (2/25/11)

Click HTML, add the following to the content section:

Obviously with the correct Game ID.

Click “Visual” and type a brief description about the game.

For more information, please visit the Inside Hockey Style Guide for Writers