Pavelec Steals Victory From Senators

Usually when you throw 51 shots
at a team, you have to figure you would come out on top.  But that
wasn’t the case Saturday eve as Ondrej Pavelec absolutely robbed the
Sens in a 3-1 win.  At one point the shots were 13-6 for Atlanta in the first
period.  The final shots were 51 to 21, not really a recipe for
success.  But on this night, Pavelec made all the difference.

“It was a good game and I felt
great right after the puck was dropped ( to start the game ),” said
Pavelec.  We’ve lost four in a row and we said before the game we have
to be ready for it… I’m not sure we were but two points is two points.

one point Pavelec made a save after losing his goalie mask. 
Considering this weekend is the 50th anniversary of the mask making its
way to the NHL, you could say this was Pavelec’s way of feeling

“Right now I feel like Jacques Plante 50 years ago. 
I can tell you right now I didn’t feel well when you see Kovalev go
around the net and I don’t have a helmet.”

Bogo Returns Home

Atlanta’s Zach Bogosian played before family and friends Saturday
afternoon.  Growing up in Messena which is about an hour away in upper
New York State, the parking lot here at Scotiabank Place saw a few New
York plates.  Sure enough to the delight of his fans, Bogosian scored
on his first shot.

“I’ve got a few guys in from Peterborough (
his former junior team ) and my mom and dad, the whole nine yards. 
There’s a lot of supporters, it’s a small town.”

Fisher Does Good

Fisher gets bigger and bigger around Ottawa.  Just last week a local
radio station ran a contest where they give out a few clues each day
about a mysterious listener until that person calls in to ask if it is
them.  Well after a day or two it became obvious who the target was
this time and Fisher called up.

“I found out the day before but i couldn’t call in as it was a game day,” said Fisher.  I called in Thursday and got the cash!

And what were some of the clues?

left clues about me playing hockey, blue eyes, and November 3rd, which
is Carrie’s ( his girlfriend Carrie Underwood ) album release.”

course Mike donated the money to The Ottawa Mission.  He got a laugh
out of it and knowing Mike, you knew he would make sure someone else
benefited from it.

John Anderson No Help

assistant coaches Steve Weeks and Randy Cunneyworth both played in
Ottawa during their careers.  So I figured there must be a connection
with their head coach to the city, right?


Thanks.  Guess he doesn’t realize I needed more of a quote for my story.

Big Guns Missing

Kovalchuk and Jason Spezza both missed the game.  You can talk about
depth all you want but without those two guys in the lineup both Ottawa
and Atlanta are missing their most dynamic offensive players.  And it
showed.  Ottawa had a stretch where they outhshot the Thrashers 13-1,
but really only had one or two decent chances.

the game though, there was Kovalchuk handing out high fives to his
teammates, even with a cast on his foot.  With 3 nights in Montreal and
no game until Tuesday you had to know nothing short of a bodycast was
going to keep him off that trip. 

In-Game Entertainment

A couple weeks back the Sens had an in game fan contest where the
hostess gave the contestant Ed McMahon’s name and they had to decide if
they were alive or dead.  Oddly enough that didn’t take.  This
afternoon they had fans in costumes roll small pumpkins and knock over
pins, bowling style.  Now that is more a little more family friendly.


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