NHL 13 Season Simulation: December 15th

The NHL 13 season simulation continues, and the Montreal Canadiens continue to dominate the league. Montreal has an eight point lead on second place Edmonton for top spot in the league. The Ducks continue to surge after their pitiful start to the season, and who would have thought that Alex Ovechkin and the Washington Capitals would be battling Steven Stamkos and the Tampa Bay Lightning for worst team in the league?

Here are the standings and league leaders through December 15th:

Eastern Conference

Atlantic Division

Philadelphia Flyers- 16-10-4   36 pts

Pittsburgh Penguins- 16-12-3   35 pts

New York Rangers- 16-11-2   34 pts

New York Islanders- 14-11-5   33 pts

New Jersey Devils- 14-11-2   30 pts

Who’s Hot: The Flyers went 5-2-1 over the two week stretch and jumped from fourth in the division to the the top.

Who’s Not: The Devils are in a mini tailspin right now going 1-5 over their last six games, and went from first in the division to last.

Northeast Division

Montreal Canadiens- 21-5-4   46 pts

Boston Bruins- 17-10-3   37 pts

Toronto Maple Leafs- 15-12-1   31 pts

Ottawa Senators- 13-11-5   31 pts

Buffalo Sabres- 13-11-4   30 pts

Who’s Hot: The Montreal Canadiens are 6-1-2 over their last nine games and have a strangle hold on he Northeast division right now.

The Boston Bruins are 5-1-2 over their last eight games, but have been overshadowed by an overachieving Canadien team.

Who’s Not: The Buffalo Sabres are 3-4-1 over the last two weeks and are now at the bottom of the division.

Southeast Division

Carolina Hurricanes- 16-13-3   35 pts

Winnipeg Jets- 16-10-1   33 pts

Florida Panthers- 14-10-4   32 pts

Washington Capitals- 10-18-2   22 pts

Tampa Bay Lightning- 10-17-0   20 pts

Who’s Hot: The Winnipeg Jets are 4-2-1 over their last seven games and are within two points of the division lead.

Who’s Not: Just look at the bottom two teams in the division. Their records combined would put them four points behind Montreal.

Western Conference

Central Division

Nashville Predators- 14-10-6   34 pts

Columbus Blue Jackets- 16-11-1   33 pts

Detroit Red Wings- 14-10-5   33 pts

St. Louis Blues- 15-13-0   30 pts

Chicago Blackhawks- 12-13-4   28 pts

Who’s Hot: The Detroit Red Wings are 3-2-1 in their last six games and quietly sit one point behind division leading Nashville.

Who’s Not: The St. Louis Blues are 3-5 over the last two weeks.

Northwest Division

Edmonton Oilers- 18-9-2   38 pts

Colorado Avalanche- 14-11-4   32 pts

Vancouver Canucks- 13-11-6   32 pts

Calgary Flames- 13-10-4   30 pts

Minnesota Wild- 14-14-2   30 pts

Who’s Hot: The Edmonton Oilers are 4-3-1 in their last eight games, and have a six point division lead.

The Colorado Avalanche are 5-2 in their last seven games.

Who’s Not: The Vancouver Canucks are 3-3-1 over the last two weeks and drop to third in the division.

Pacific Division

San Jose Sharks- 17-9-3   37 pts

Los Angeles Kings- 15-9-6   36 pts

Phoenix Coyotes- 16-11-0   32 pts

Dallas Stars- 13-15-3   29 pts

Anaheim Ducks- 10-14-4   24 pts

Who’s Hot: The Ducks continue to stay red hot going 4-0-2 over their last six games, and find themselves in the hunt for a playoff spot again.

Who’s Not: The Kings are 3-3-1 over the last two weeks and have surrendered the division lead to the San Jose Sharks.

The Leaders

NHL Points Leaders    G    A    P

A. Ovechkin (Was)        23   12   35

D. Sedin (Van)              16    19   35

P. Datsyuk (Det)            12    18  30

J. Pavelski (SJ)              9      21   30

C. Giroux (Phi)              10    20   30

J. Thornton (SJ)            9      20   29

J. Tavares (NYI)          11     18    29

M. Pacioretty (Mon)     16     13    29

J. Toews (Chi)             15      13    28

Z. Parise (Min)             6        22    28


Wins (Goals Against Avg)

H. Lundqvist (NYR)- 16  (2.39)

C. Price (Mon)- 16  (1.89)

J. Quick (LAK)- 14  (2.33)

C. Ward (Car)- 14  (2.12)

M. Kiprusoff (Cal)- 13  (2.17)


This will be the final week of division standings. The season is heading into January and the playoff picture will be taking shape. The rest of the season will be conference standings showing who is in the playoffs and who is out.






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