Marty St. Louis: Real or Rental?

With a lot of changes made in the Rangers’ lineup, Marty St. Louis has been a big part of it. New York made a dramatic move at the trade deadline, sending captain Ryan Callahan to the Tampa Bay Lightning in exchange for their captain, Marty St. Louis. Being a 38-year-old veteran player, it’s questionable how much time St. Louis has left to play. Was he just a rental player to fill in the gap? Or will St. Louis stay in New York?

Despite his age, he’s still a top player. Throughout his career, he has 370 goals, 611 assists, to make 981 total points. He’s played in over 1000 NHL games and won the Stanley Cup in 2004 with the Tampa Bay Lightning. He now plays alongside good friend and teammate, Brad Richards, who also played with MSL in Tampa Bay.

Thriving in the post-season, many Ranger fans and broadcasters alike have the same question: will Marty St. Louis stay in New York? Seeing how well he fits in with the team, it seems like he might stick around for a while. However, his age is still a factor. For an athlete his age with his level of skill, he probably has about 4 more seasons of playing time, plus or minus. The New York Rangers organization has a tendency to sign older players, based of successful experience. Players like Jaromir Jagr, Wayne Gretzky, Markus Näslund, and Brendan Shanahan.

It’s obvious Marty St. Louis came to New York to get a job done, lead his new team to a Stanley Cup championship. But after the postseason comes to a close, will he still be here?


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