Lucic, Bruins Swing for the Fences & Talk Lockout

Boston Bruins forward Milan Lucic hosted his third annual Rock and Jock Softball Tournament that benefited the Celebrities for Charities Foundation.

The event had another sellout crowd, fans flocking to see the Bruins superstar as well as his teammates and other celebrities from around the area and Boston sports athletes. Bruins in atendence included Tuukka Rask, Dennis Seidenberg, Johnny Boychuk, and Quincy native Mike Mottau.

“It’s for fun; it’s nothing competitive,” said Lucic, “its raising money for a good cause and to have passionate fans come out and support something like this in Boston it definitely makes things a lot more humbling and I’m just excited for how everything is going to go tonight. I know we are going to have a wonderful crowd and a wonderful reception.”

“I have a first timer, with Johnny Boychuk on our team,” said Lucic with a laugh. “I’m interested to see, because we all know he’s got that great slap shot, so we’ll see how he does with a bat in his hand.”

Boychuck seemed a little less sure of his baseball skills, but in terms of supporting this event, it was an easy decision.

“Anytime a teammate asks you to come out and do this for a charity event it’s no problem, especially when he’s one of your best friends. I came down early just so I could come and do this for him,” said Boychuk.

The other subject of discussion at the game was the possible lockout that the NHL is facing. All of the players in attendance said were keeping tabs on the meetings between the NHL and the Players’ Association.

“Hopefully it gets resolved sooner rather than later,” said Lucic, “but from a player’s standpoint and a union standpoint, we’re just trying to make sure we get a fair deal and whatever’s right is right.”

Tuukka Rask, who is going to the players’ meeting in Toronto today, hasn’t given much thought to playing in Europe yet, nor have Boychuk and Lucic. Defenseman Dennis Seidenberg said it would be nice to play with his younger brother in Germany; but he hopes that does not happen.

“Hopefully we can get an agreement done,” said Boychuk, “It’s too bad we’re where were at but as teammates we stick together and you know, and we’ll get through this. Hopefully we’ll be back sooner than later.”

The players and NHL have until September 15th before the current collective bargaining agreement ends.

“Hopefully it gets resolved sooner rather than later because the feedback I’m getting from fans is that they can’t wait for Bruins hockey to start,” said Lucic.


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