Louis Robitaille Returning to AHL

The Lowell Devils signed veteran tough guy Louis Robitaille to a contract for the upcoming 2009-10 season.

Robitaille, 27, spent last season with SG Cortina in Italy and Chiefs de Saint-Hyacinthe in the LNAH. Robiatille has appeared in 317 career AHL games, registering 20 goals and 36 assists for 56 points and 1,227 penalty minutes. Robiatille won a Calder Cup with the Hershey Bears in 2005-06.

I spoke with Louis, and here’s what he had to say about signing with Lowell and other things:

On the excitement of returning to the AHL: “I’m really excited; I’m thrilled. It’s another chance for me to come back after I played in Europe. It’s something great. I’m joining the Lowell organization. It’s a young team, so I’m really excited to come back and play there.”

On negotiations with Lowell and other teams: “No, we talked to a bunch of different teams, and the situation with I’m a veteran isn’t always easy. We talked to the Bears a little bit. They had a lot of veteran signed, so for me to start in Reading, that would have been the case. When Lowell came up, they were low on numbers as far as veterans, so for me it was the best situation for me right now.”

On the reception he expects in his first game in Hershey: “I hope it’s gonna be a good one. I live in the area; I’m gonna live here the rest of my life. I’m expecting a warm welcome. Some people are going to clap and some people are going to boo me, and I’m pretty sure after a few shifts I’ll be having more boos because of the way I play my game. I won’t change my style of game, obviously. I’m gonna try and help Lowell win some games, and some thousands of people in Hershey aren’t going to like it. I’m expecting a warm welcome. It’s gonna be something special.”

On the importance of being closer to his son: “That’s everything. My son is the most important person in the world. Last year, being away from him, I couldn’t do it. We had some good offers in Europe to go back in Denmark or Sweden Second League. Money wise in Europe was more better for me, but with the situation with my son being here, I had to play here. I had to do everything in my power to make sure he’s gonna see come and see me play, and I’m gonna see him grow at the same time. I’m looking forward to him seeing me play. I think it will be something special.”


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