Jonathan Toews, Selke and Messier Nominee

Jonathan Toews is nominated this year for both the Selke Trophy and the Mark Messier NHL Leadership Award.

For the Selke Trophy, he is up against Patrice Bergeron (Boston Bruins) and Anze Kopitar (LA Kings).

“When you’re talking about defensive forward,” Toews said of the aspects of the Selke. “It doesn’t sound right. You consider yourself an offensive player. What those guys [Kopitar and Bergeron] mean to their teams, and the Cups that those guys have won, it’s huge to be nominated, first of all, with those two guys. It definitely adds some value to it.”

For the Messier Award, he faces off against Dustin Brown (LA Kings) and Ryan Getzlaf (Anaheim Ducks). This Award is bestowed upon the player that best exemplifies great leadership qualities both on and off the ice during the regular season.

Not too many people ask him about his work off the ice in the community, and when they do, he’s a little shy to talk about it.

“It’s something I’m bashful to talk about,” he said. “Because I think there are a lot of hockey players out there that do great work off the ice that maybe don’t get that recognition. They’re showing their leadership not only with their teammates and their team, but also with that community that they’re a part of and mean a lot to.

“For myself, I haven’t really developed any charity or non-profit foundation, per se. At this point, I have some thoughts and plans for the future, but just contributing little things where I can…hopefully it adds up to something. [I do] some hospital visits. There is one place called Misericordia in Chicago. It’s basically a campus where disabled people can develop their skills. There’s a big creative school. There’s artwork. It’s an amazing place for them. To be part of that, for me, was very special, too. I brought the Stanley Cup there last fall.

“It’s just little things. Hopefully, it pays off for someone else.”

One of the reasons why he is nominated for the Messier NHL Leadership Award is for his assistance in the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Prior to the NHL Stadium Series, a couple of kids came out to skate with the team.

“The Blackhawks have always been very great about that sort of thing, too. Right before our Stadium Series game, we had a couple of Make-A-Wish children come out on the ice with us for our practice. I think small things like that go a long way for some people that are going through some really tough times.”

The NHL Awards will take place on Tuesday, June 24 at 7:00 p.m. (ET).


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