Interview: Bears Defenseman Scott Wietecha

Following the Hershey Bears signing of Scott Wietecha, Inside Hockey caught up with the latest signee to join the Hershey blue line. Wietecha talked about his style of play, the fans in Hershey and his relationship with any players on the Bears’ roster.

IH: About the type of game he plays on defense.

Scott: ” I’m a two way defenseman, responsible in my own end, play with grit and shoot the puck.”

IH: Were you contacted by any other AHL teams?

Scott: “I wasn’t contacted directly.”

IH: What have you heard about the fans in Hershey and the community?

Scott: “I’ve heard it’s the best place to play in the American League and I am pumped to experience it.”

IH: Are there any players past or present you try to play your game like?

Scott: “There’s so many great defensemen that I try to learn things from. Maybe, Shea Weber, he shoots the puck, plays great defense and plays with an edge.”

IH: Are you friends with or know anyone on the Hershey Bears roster?

Scott: “I know the guys I went to camp with and [Steve] Olesky from back home.”

A big thanks goes out to Scott Wietecha for taking time to do the interview. You can folow Scott on twitter @ScottWietecha3.

You can follow Matthew on twitter @m_speck and email him at with any questions or comments.


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