Hulsizer Close to Buying Coyotes

For those of you who watched the Fox Sports Arizona Plus broadcast of Sunday night’s Phoenix Coyotes-Chicago Blackhawks game saw that potential Phoenix Coyotes owner Matthew Hulsizer was interviewed during the second intermission by Fox Sports Arizona’s Todd Walsh.¬†For all the reports (from a certain Canadian city) about the deal falling through as of late, Hulsizer give the final word about where the deal is currently at.

Below is the full, raw transcription of the interview (courtesy of Fox Sports Arizona):

Walsh: Matt I think Timing is everything in life and in business and in sports. Last night you had a chance, this is your hometown of Chicago, to entertain the Phoenix Coyotes the players, the coaches, the staff…the ‘Family’ that is this team and what did you tell them? Can you tell us and share with us what you said, your communication about what’s going on?

Hulsizer: First of all I can tell you the team, I told them that they its a resilient team, a hard working team and very much like this deal its a team that doesn’t quit as we can see by the score. Then we talked about where the deal is. I can tell you that we are prepared to close (the deal) right now. We have everything we need to close. There is one thing which is that the rate that the city would have to pay on the bond is unnecessarily high. To the tune of as much as $100 million dollars in increased interest over the next 30 years and this is due to questions from the Goldwater Institute. It’s unnecessary money that would have to be paid by the city and it’s something that if we can resolve some of their questions and get some clarity. I think everybody will be better off and we’ll save $100 Million dollars for the city.

Walsh: So what is the next step then, where do you go from here at least in your ballpark?

Hulsizer: The City has sent them (Goldwater) some documentation, probably later than they should have, but it’s gotten there. I know the Commissioner (NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman) has reached out to them and said ‘I’ll answer any questions you have, I’m happy to listen to you’. He’ll (Bettman) go down there and meet with them as well as myself and I think when those questions get answered or if they can get answered quickly we can get it resolved as soon as this week, if not we’re prepared to close. We really would like to do it by saving the city money. Unfortunately, the rate is higher than it should be and without that the rate would come down significantly.

Walsh: So you’re saying…..

Hulsizer: This deal is gonna close. I mean it’s gonna close. It’s just a question of how much increased interest payments that the city (of Glendale) has to make.


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