Horton’s Feeling Fine and Raring to Go

It was positive news that the Bruin’s Nathan Horton was feeling good after his playoff run was cut short as the result from a late hit by Aaron Rome. And with superstars like Sidney Crosby and Boston’s own Marc Savard still not able to get back to hockey activities due to their own concussions, it was certainly a good sign to see Horton all smiles and symptom free Wednesday night at LeLacheur Park.

“I feel like myself,” assured Horton who was recovering from both a separated shoulder as well as the concussion.

When asked if Rome had attempted to reach out to Horton, Nathan’s signature smile disappeared. Clearly, the Bruins’ forward was not  pleased with the manner in which he heard from Rome.

“Just through a text message I heard [from Rome],” said Horton, “but I mean, if it was me, I wouldn’t be throwing a text message someone’s way, you know? I’d have a little more respect to actually make a phone call.”

With multiple players still out from concussions Horton considers himself “lucky not to have any setbacks.” He also hopes that the hit he suffered will help get those kinds of hit out of the hockey.

“There’s guys that hit out there and they hit lots, they hit hard, they hurt people and I think that they do it within the game,” said Horton, “I think you just have that respect factor to know when to hit people. The people that don’t understand that or don’t get it, I think that’s what you need to fix and what you need to change. There’s a difference between hitting hard and hitting dirty. That’s definitely something that shouldn’t be in the game.”

With Horton feeling better, he is getting ready for the start of camp; but getting ready for this year has been different from years past. This year’s off-season might just be the shortest one for Horton who came to Boston at the beginning of the season from Florida, where his seasons there didn’t end in June with the playoffs.

“I’m not used to not having a lot of time to work out, usually I do have a lot of time to work out so that was a little different. Especially with the concussion, I just wanted to go slow and kind of ease into it. I think after such a long year that we had, it’s nice to take time off, but it’s tough to get it back when you do take time off. It’s been good. It feels like we kind of just stopped, and I think that’s a good thing.”

With the time that he did have this off-season he got to enjoy his day with the cup with his family and friends, even if the cup did arrive a bit late.

“Well,” said Horton, “I went to the airport to pick it up, and it just didn’t come on the plane. I had to go back [to Ontario] for the parade, and I was late for the parade, and it was really hot that day, so I felt extra bad. I was speeding on my way home to get back, because I was late. But once I got back, everyone was awesome and it didn’t matter that I didn’t have the Cup, but luckily it did come, so everyone got to see it and take pictures with it.”


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