Hockey Equipment Maintenance

Ice hockey is a rough sport. Not only does the sport place an amazing amount of wear and tear on your body, but your equipment also experiences the results of rigorous play. Hockey equipment costs a lot of money, especially if you’re a goalie. Keeping your ice hockey equipment in good shape will help it to last longer while you save up for new equipment later on down the road.

The first piece of equipment to wear out is usually the stick. Sticks can break for a number of reasons in the natural flow of the game, but some people ruin their sticks unintentionally through bad upkeep. You should always tape the blade of the stick. You don’t want the blade coming into contact with the ice, other players’ sticks, and skates without anything to protect it. Athletic tape around the blade is the best way to protect the stick from damage. Some sticks will start to split if the blade gets too much damage from direct contact with the ice or other pieces of equipment.

Goalie leg pads can get ruined easily as well. They are made of materials that can deteriorate rapidly if they aren’t given enough space, heat, and time to dry properly. If you’re a hockey goalie, you should hang your leg pads in the warmest room you can find. Place newspapers on the floor beneath the pads to soak up any water that might drip from them. The goalie’s gloves may also rot from the inside out if they aren’t dried and cleaned properly. Hang the gloves with the leg pads for best results.

Try to make sure your equipment stays dry outside of the rink. Extra moisture causes germs and bacteria to invade your stuff. Your equipment could start to grow mold, and nobody wants to carry moldy equipment around. Smelly gym bags and pieces of equipment will make your teammates gag when you approach them.

If you have to clean your equipment, lightly apply some anti-bacterial mists. You could wet a paper towel with warm water and wipe the gear down first to loosen the dirt. Don’t go nuts with the spray bottle. You want your equipment to remain dry while it’s cleaned. You don’t have to soak the gear to get the dirt off of it.

Maintaining your hockey equipment will help you to stay competitive on the rink and your wallet might still have some money in it every pay day.


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