Graham Mink Interview

Graham Mink returned to Hershey on December 12 as a member of the Rochester Americans.  Even though he was wearing a different jersey, the fans in Hershey still cheered the fan favorite. 

Mink’s return to Hershey was short-lived, as he was injured early in the first period and didn’t play the rest of the game or the next two games against Hershey. Mink spent two seasons with the Bears, 2005-06 and 2008-09, and both times the Bears won the Calder Cup.  In those two seasons with the Bears, Mink scored 53 goals and 46 assists in 111 games.

Mink chatted with following Rochester’s game in Hershey on December 12.  Mink discussed his injury, the tough decision to leave Hershey, and more.

Chris Rahn: First game back in Hershey since last season’s Calder Cup finals; had to be some emotions and nerves pregame?

Graham Mink: Yeah, I was very excited to come out.  I loved playing here, it’s a great rink.  Unfortunately it just didn’t go the way I wanted it to.

Chris Rahn: You got injured in the first period, had to be disheartening.  What happened?

Graham Mink: I just pulled a muscle in my back.  I just got in an awkward position and couldn’t move after that, so hopefully it will get better quickly.

Chris Rahn: Leaving Hershey in the offseason had to be a tough decision?

Graham Mink: It was. It always is when you’re making that type of choice.  I just thought it was better for me to sign with Rochester.

Chris Rahn: How did your summer go as a Calder Cup champion?  Was it better the second time around?

Graham Mink: I think it gets better every time.  I hear the third times even better than the second, so that’s what I’m gunning for.

Chris Rahn: Is it a good feeling when you get cheered in a visiting arena, knowing that the fans respect you as much as they do in Hershey?

Graham Mink: That was really nice to hear that.  I really appreciated that.  I obviously had two very good years here, and it made me feel really good to hear that when I came out on to the ice.

Chris Rahn: Update the fans on how your season is going with Rochester.

Graham Mink: The team is doing very well; we had a really hot start. Doing good.  We had some injuries and call ups recently; a pretty tough road trip out to Abbotsford and Manitoba.  We’ve been battling the last couple of weeks, but I like our squad.  I think we’re looking to build on it and get into the playoffs.

Chris Rahn: If you could say just a couple of words to the fans in Hershey, what would you say to them?

Graham Mink: Thanks for the support, and hopefully I’ll see you next weekend.


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