Game One Plus/Minus: B’s-Canucks

Well, wow.

That has to be the reaction in both Boston and British Columbia after the Canucks came out with a 1-0 win in Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Finals. Raffi Torres scored with 18.5 seconds left in the game to give Vancouver the win over the Boston Bruins. Let’s see what happened.

Number Five: Penalties

Daniel Sedin took an early penalty when he high sticked Zdeno Chara. Because blood was drawn, the Boston Bruins got a four minute power play opportunity.

Unfortunately for the Bruins, they were not able to execute. They got off some quality shots and the power play looked better than it has, but it was once again the same result. Chara played up front in front of Roberto Luongo, who made some fantastic saves in the double minor sequence.

There were a total of four power plays in the period, which is four more than there were in all of Boston’s Game 7 win over Tampa Bay. The period ended up being scoreless, so no harm was done. If the Bruins were able to convert these chances, this could be a different game.

Number Four: Tim Thomas

Thomas was not the reason Boston lost this game. He made 33 saves to keep Boston in it when they seemed to lose energy. The Canucks seemed surprised at Thomas’ style at times, an adjustment they are going to have to make.

Number Three: Bruins Energy

As the game went on, the Bruins seemed to be worn down by the Vancouver Canucks, just like the Bruins wore down the Tampa Bay Lightning in Game 7. This game had the similar feel for the Bruins.

Boston was able to play with Vancouver all game and actually carry the play at times, but the Canucks constant attack appeared to tire out Boston. Boston is going to need to condition themselves for this Vancouver style.

Number Two: Roberto Luongo

Luongo was just as good as Tim Thomas, and perhaps even better. He was able to save 36 shots and steal the game. Sure, Torres scored the game winning goal and he deserves credit, but if not for Luongo the Canucks have no chance.

He helped Vancouver kill a four minute penalty and a five-on-three in Boston’s favor. If not for Luongo, Boston would have won this before Torres would have happened.

Number One: Raffi Torres’ Goal

But by default, the game winning goal with less than 30 seconds gets the vote for number one play of the game.  Torres scored the goal with 18.5 seconds left in the game to win the game for Vancouver.

Johnny Boychuk made a mistake pinching up and Ryan Kesler made a terrific pass to Torres. Thomas had no chance with a wide open left side of the net.

Game Two is Saturday night at 8pm as the Canucks lead the series, 1-0.


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