Frozen Four Staff Picks

Earlier in the week, Inside Hockey asked some of the staff writers to compile their picks for this year’s Frozen Four and pick a National Champion. Here are some of the picks:

Tim Rosenthal – Miami, BC, Cornell, Wisconsin; National Championship: Miami over Cornell

Kevin Edelson – Michigan, BC, Cornell, St. Cloud State; National Championship – BC over Cornell

Zack Friedli – Miami, North Dakota, Wisconsin, Cornell; National Championship: Wisconsin over North Dakota

Matt Fazio – Michigan, BC, Cornell, Wisconsin; National Championship: Wisconsin over BC

Joseph Edwards – Miami, North Dakota, Denver, Wisconsin; National Championship: Miami over Denver

Sean Shapiro – Miami, BC, Northern Michigan, Denver; National Championship: Miami over Denver

Kevin Greenstein  - Michigan, BC, Cornell, Wisconsin; National Championship: BC over Cornell

Biz Jacobs – Miami, North Dakota, Wisconsin, New Hampshire; National Championship: North Dakota over Wisconsin

Enjoy the Tournament!


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