Flyers Find Early Chemistry

With a win over floundering Thrashers, the Flyers increased their record thus far to 4-1. While there are many factors that could still make or break this young team, Joffrey Lupul shared his thoughts on Philadelphia’s early success.

“I don’t know if we expected to get off to a 4-1 start, but on the other hand we knew at training camp,” he said. “You could look around and see we had a talented team and it was tough to tell whether there would be a bit of a break-in period or we’d start clicking right away, but right now we’re rolling. I mean we’ve got all our lines going, our D’s playing great, and Marty’s playing solid in net.”

In particular, he spoke highly of Mike Richards, who has posted six points (three goals, three assists) since the start of the regular season.“[He’s] taking all the key draws, he’s our number one penalty killer… he’s playing like a veteran right now.”

Richards echoes Lupul’s theme of chemistry within lines, citing that Lupul is an “easy player to play with. He’s got a great shot, nothing too fancy, [he] gets the puck in deep.” It is a style of play that Richards works well with, because it is similar to his own.

Jeff Carter scored his fourth goal of the season, extending his point-scoring streak to four. His success in front of the net is not lost on his teammates. Lupul explained that “Carter’s got that knack right now. You just tell him to throw everything at the net, because they’re all finding a way in for him.” In last Saturday’s contest versus the Islanders, Carter’s determination was more evident than ever, as it seemed every shift he was in front of the net calling for the puck.

After the game Tuesday, Carter explained: “I think any time you get off to a decent start you get that confidence in you and you’re going to want the puck and try to make plays.”

As for the ever-present concept of chemistry, Lupul addressed those early concerns, but says so far, so good. “Coming into camp we weren’t sure whether it would be a bit of a process for all the lines to find chemistry, but its seems to just have fallen in place and now we’ve got to just keep it rolling,” he said.

And “keeping it rolling” is what these young players plan to do. Richards says “everyone on our teams playing well right now, it’s not just a couple of guys. Its fun coming to the rink every day when we’re playing like this and we have confidence.”

When it comes to this young, confident team Carter thinks it’s actually “a combination of both [confidence and success]. You’re not going to get success if you don’t work hard and confidence just comes with that. It’s a thing that we started building from day one at camp.”

And as Richards sees it, “we have a lot of guys that are contributing offensively and maintaining the defensive structure.”

Bottom line, with the collective leadership present in both young and veteran players and an overwhelming theme of confidence, the Flyers are bound to see success.


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