Five Things on the Leafs’ To-Do List

While general manager Brian Burke has been diligently working to improve the Leafs over the offseason there are still a number of things that should be on his to-do list for the upcoming season.

Here are some potential moves.

Get Rid of Komisarek

Mike Komisarek’s time has come. He hasn’t lived up to expectations as a hard-hitting defenseman. Instead, he turns the puck over on a regular basis, gets caught out of position and takes way too many unnecessary penalties. Now 34, his value won’t get any higher. Time to trade him or let him go.

Start The Kids

With only their future to look forward to, the Leafs better start thinking about getting their top prospects ready since they’re the ones who will be a part of it. Better to start them off now and gain them some pro-level experience. The Toronto Marlies have a bulk set of young talent including  Nazem Kadri,  Joe Colborne and Jussi Rynnas.

Wait On Connolly

Tim Connolly scored 42 points last year and somehow he’s being called the Leafs’ No. 1 centerman. Tyler Bozak was right behind him with 32 points while being 54.6 percent on the draw compared to Connolly’s mediocre 45.9 percent. Joe Colborne may surprise in training camp too. Wait until the season starts before assigning the No. 1 centerman.

Don’t Kill Reimer

James Reimer had a 2.60 GAA in an exceptional rookie year. But he’s still just 23. Jonas Gustvavsson is the Leafs’ backup goalie and should start more than a few games now that he’s fully recovered. Reimer should be played sparingly instead of being expected to play almost every game like he did when he came up last season. Also, it’s important that his development is not rushed.

Trade For Picks

Do like the Penguins did and use those draft picks. The upcoming draft, while not stellar, still bodes plenty of young talent. The Leafs have a few bait players that can be lured for draft picks, including Bozak and Komisarek. The Leafs traded three draft picks in acquiring Phil Kessel. Look to get some high picks back.



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