Five Observations: Bruins vs Wild

The Boston Bruins won their second game in a row on Sunday afternoon, a 2-0 loss to the Minnesota Wild. Niklas Backstrom, the Wild goaltender, made 49 saves in the game. Here are my five observations:

Number Five- Daniel Paille

Daniel Paille had about three scoring chances in the first period, including a break away. He did not score on any of them. This observation isn’t meant to bash Paille, who has his uses, but he really does not have the hands to be a scorer. Does he need less ice time, in more limited roles?

Number Four- Milan Lucic

Despite the loss, this has been one of Lucic’s best games in a while. He was a -1 with just two shots on goal, but he seemed to dominate the ice today physically and skating wise. Sometimes Lucic can seem like he is lagging behind, especially in this recent slump, but this was not one of those days.

Number Three- Power Play

The Bruins power play seems to be getting worse. The Joe Corvo¬†experiment seems to be a fail, and his demise is leading to the power play’s struggles even more now. This is all tied in to their recent offensive play, which is not good.

Number Two- Defensive Shots

One big issue in this slump has been the offense, and if you watch closely, it is easy to see why. The Bruins are relying on their defensemen and point shooters to score their goals. They do not close in towards the net, and instead they continue to pass back to the blueline. If they are not going to tip that puck into the net, then they can’t keep this up.

Number One- Niklas Backstrom

In this game, Niklas Backstrom made 49 saves and did not allow a goal. Say what you will about the Bruins offense, but that is still very impressive, and he is why the Wild won this game.

The Bruins are back on Wednesday night in St. Louis.


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