Five Observations: Bruins vs Sharks

The Boston Bruins looked to be on the right track when they defeated the Toronto Maple Leafs on Thursday, but they took another step back on Saturday night when they fell to the San Jose Sharks by a score of 4-2. Here are my five observations from the Bruins fifth loss of the season.

Number Five- Turnovers

The first  goal from San Jose was a lazy neutral zone turn over from David Krejci, where he practically placed it right on the stick of the Sharks. This has been a problem all year for the Bruins, and it was last year too as well. This is why they continue to seek out that puck moving defenseman, because they are not supposed to have these kind of give aways.

Number Four- Joe Corvo

Joe Corvo did not play all that bad last night, it was just one series of plays that caught my eye. With Tim Thomas pulled from his net, the Bruins had a 6-on-5 advantage but struggled to get into their offensive zone. Three times, Corvo had the puck and had a chance for a clean break-in into the zone. All three times, he dumped the puck into the corner and the puck was pinned to the boards. If Corvo just broke in or made a pass they could have had a chance, instead he dumps it in, the Sharks get possession and time ticks off the clock as the Sharks and Bruins battle for that puck.

Number Three- Lucic, Again

Lucic had his moments in this game and we will get to that soon, but for the most part, he looked slow yet again. He always seems to be behind the play with faster skaters involved, and for the most part, he is slower than most of the skaters on the Boston Bruins. There were a few plays in this game where he just seemed uninterested or just plain slow. In one play he was breaking into the offensive zone for a 2-on-2, and he lost the puck. That happens, but after that he just skated away and did not bother to battle for the puck.

Number Two- Falling Behind

The Bruins have been falling behind in games too many times. They feel behind 2-0 to San Jose, 1-0 to Toronto and 1-0 against Carolina. They won only one of those games, a game where they scored six goals. In the combined two games with the Sharks and Hurricanes, the Bruins had three goals, and two of them came within 30 seconds of each other. The Bruins need to score more efficiently, but more importantly, they need to try to play with a lead.

Number One- Tyler Seguin and Milan Lucic

Lucic did look slow last night for the most part, but at certain times in the game, he seemed to turn it on, and only when Tyler Seguin was involved. First he scored after crashing the net and there was a loose puck in the crease. Lucic was quick to the puck and beat the Shark defender there, resulting in a goal. Just 29 seconds later, Lucic made a marvelous pass to Seguin for him to score his third goal of the season. Late in the game there was also a noticeable chemistry between the two. Maybe Lucic has found something and now he can ride it.

The Bruins do not play again until Thursday night when they face the Montreal Canadiens.


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