Five Observations: Bruins vs Senators

The Boston Bruins now have an official streak going, with three wins in their last three games. This win came at the hands of divisional foe Ottawa Senators, making the Bruins now 9-2 against divisional opponents this season. Here are my five observations.

Number Five- Steve Kampfer

I have been on the Kampfer bandwagon for some time, but there have been some signs in him that I have not liked in his last two games taking Zdeno Chara’s place. He just seems to make some stupid mistakes, like icing the puck in times he does not have to and getting beaten around the end. It is a concern, and Kampfer has had a chance in these last few games.

Number Four- Divisional Game

If you follow the Bruins, you know that a game against Ottawa doesn’t get you excited like Toronto or Montreal. However, the game always seems to be a lot better than expected. There is always no love lost, some good brawls, and this game tonight did not disappoint. Ottawa is not a rivalry, but you can tell the game is a divisional one.

Number Three- Tim Thomas

Like I have said before, even after a great game from Tuukka Rask, Tim Thomas is just such a different goalie. Maybe not far better, but still, you just notice the difference. Tuukka games and Thomas games have a different air about them, and that is not necessarily a bad thing.

Number Two- Adam McQuaid

That was just not smart by McQuaid. He just went out and tripped Nick Foligno, sticking out his right leg. It did not have to happen, and McQuaid hurt his team because of it. They are already down an elite defenseman, they did not need to lose another one. The Bruins now just have to hope that he does not get suspended.

Number One- Daniel Paille

Paille always seems to get those break aways, and then not score. This game, he got that evasive break away goal, and it turned out to be the one that won the Bruins the game. He would score another goal when the game was in the bag. It was good to see players like Paille stepping up on this night in Ottawa.

The Bruins return on Saturday afternoon in a game for first place against the Philadelphia Flyers.



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