Five Observations: Bruins vs Sabres

BOSTON, MA — The Boston Bruins lost to the Buffalo Sabres 2-1 tonight. The Bruins had won two nights before against the St. Louis Blues, and were hoping to build off of the momentum. Here are my five observations:

Number Five – Poor power play

You can only beat a dead horse so many times. Yet here we are again, at the subject of the Bruins power play. The B’s had their first power play tonight around the middle of the second period, and it was as stagnant as usual. The Sabres would then score in the vulnerable minute after the penalty had expired, something that has been common at the end of Bruins powerless plays.

Number Four – Tyler Seguin

One of the biggest positives in this game was the play of Tyler Seguin. He leads the Bruins in shots on goal, and maybe the rest of the Bruins should follow his lead. Seguin always seems to shoot during the best times, and pass at the right times as well.

Number Three – Tuukka Rask

Goaltender Tuukka Rask was pummelled in his last meeting with the Buffalo Sabres, being lit up for a 6-0 loss. After that game, he asked for some time off due to him wanting to “work on some things”. Tonight he looked pretty good, and he was certainly not the reason for their loss.

Number Two – Shootout

The Bruins have been pretty good at shootouts in the past few months, but you have to question their decisions tonight. The Bruins used David Krejci, Seguin and Patrice Bergeron to start – their usual crew. But then they used Beniot Pouliot. Huh? Have to question that one.

Number One – First Line

The move to wing has worked. Ever since David Krejci was shifted to right wing, he has played really well. Milan Lucic on the opposite wing also stepped up tonight, as he has in the past few weeks. The first line has to play as well as they have for them to get better.

The Bruins are in Ottawa tomorrow night.


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