Five Observations: Bruins vs. Red Wings

The Boston Bruins lost their first game in a month on Friday afternoon, a 3-2 loss at the hands of the Detroit Red Wings. The game went to a shootout for the Bruins second straight game, this time, however, it was a loss. Here are my five observations of the game.

Number Five- Fourth Line

The Bruins top line did not play that well on this day. Milan  Lucic seemed slow and it seemed like the puck was a hot potato for Nathan Horton. Horton did end up scoring in the shootout, but for the whole he did not look good. The fourth line was the line to step up today, with Daniel Paille scoring a goal, and Shawn Thornton was all over the ice.

Number Four- Tuukka Rask

Rask was not bad today. Maybe he could have saved the first goal, but overall he was not that bad. But when someone like Rask is in net, you remember how good Tim Thomas really is. There was some talk of the Bruins maybe pulling Rask for Thomas in the shootout, but it was not to be.

Number Three- Pavel Datsyuk

We all know Datsyuk is pretty good. But man, he is pretty good. His goal in regulation and his shootout goal were just down right beautiful, and his game just overall was fantastic on this night. In a season where he has struggled a bit, he sure had a good contribution tonight.

Number Two- Jimmy Howard

Many people question whether the Wings can win the Cup with Jimmy Howard as their starting guy in the net. If you just saw this one game, you would say yes. Howard was fantastic today, stifling the Bruins in many of their better opportunities, and in the end, he was the better goaltender in the shootout as well.

Number One- Good Hockey

The Bruins and Red Wings are both very good teams, and this was just a very good hockey game. One of the best ones the Bruins have played this season, in fact. As two of the most elite teams in the NHL, they both seemed to play up to each other’s level.

The Bruins will take on the Winnipeg Jets tomorrow night on home ice once again.


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