Five Observations: Bruins vs. Penguins

The Boston Bruins have lost their second game in a row, this time at the hands of the Pittsburgh Penguins, 2-1. The Bruins carried the play at points, but it was just not enough. Here are my five observations.

Number Five – Shooting Lanes

One big problem for the Bruins in their recent slump has been the shooting lanes that they are allowing up the middle of the ice. Normally the Bruins are good at keeping shooters to the side and making them shoot bad angle shots, but they had gotten away from that. From the start of this game, it felt like they were getting back into good defensive habits.

Number Four – Pens’ First Period Goal

The Penguins first period goal may be classified as a gift goal. Rich Peverley was called off for a questionable slashing call, giving the Penguins a late period power play. Evgeni Malkin, who drew the call, would end up scoring for the Pens and putting them up 1-0 with eight seconds left.

Number Three – Controlling the Pace

Even when they were down, the Bruins just seemed to control the pace of this game. Though they controlled the pace, it seemed almost kind of… empty. They had the chances, they were winning the battles, but really they were doing a whole lot of nothing, not executing on their chances when they had them.

Number Two – Joe Corvo

I know I’ve harped on this a bunch now, but I have to say again, the Joe Corvo experiment has not worked. He has had his moments, but mostly, he just turns the puck over in his own zone and doesn’t shoot enough. The Bruins are looking for defensive help at the trade deadline, and they would not have to if Corvo played his role. Corvo would go on to score a goal in this game, but as a defenseman, the number one priority has to be defense, and it isn’t always Corvo’s.

Number  - Defensive Offense?

Sometimes it feels like the Bruins rely on their defensemen to produce too much offense. Mid way through the third period, 17 of the Bruins 24 shots were from the blue line. The goal scored from Corvo was from the blueline, and the goal two games ago from Seidenberg was from the red line. This team is relying on  that too much, and they need to crash the net.

The Bruins return tomorrow afternoon against the Washington Capitals.


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