Five Observations: Bruins vs Panthers

I don’t have words for this one. The Boston Bruins have lost four games in a row, tonight galling to the Florida Panthers in Sunrise, 6-1. Here are my five observations, but ye be warned, I’m not feeling so great about this team right now.

Number Five- Corvo, Corvo, Corvo

No, just cause the whole team looks bad does mean that Joe Corvo gets a break. He has been just as horrible as the rest, and is the ring leader for the worst defense this team has seen in the Claude Julien era. Sorry to sound like a broken record, but he is at the heart of the problem.

Number Four- Tim Thomas

Tim Thomas is also not immune. The defense is no help at all, but it’s not like he has lit the world on fire. He allowed six goals tonight, all on his own, and is playing as bad right now as he played good last season.

Number Three- Claude Julien

I plan on writing about this in depth, and this could be too early, but is Claude Julien in trouble? Remember, he is supposedly a defensive coach, and with this going on under his watch, there has to be concern. Is his job safe? Even if they make the playoffs? In New Jersey, he was fired a week before the playoffs once.

Number Two- Defense

Can I stress this anymore? What happened? I really don’t have much to say on this, except, what happened, and how is it fixed? How does such a good defensive team get so bad?

Number One- Too Soon Comparison

Remember another Boston team, who was the best team in their league, and had an epic late season collapse, and missed the playoffs and the team got blown up? Yeah.


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