Five Observations: Bruins vs. Maple Leafs

The Boston Bruins’ 7-0 win over the Toronto Maple Leafs on Saturday night earned them their first back-to-back victories of this still-young season. Tyler Seguin led the way with his first career hat trick, while Milan Lucic scored two goals. Here are my five observations on the night.

Number Five- Zdeno Chara

Chara, once again, was able to shut down Phil Kessel. Kessel never seems to show up against his former team, and the reason why is quite simple. Zdeno Chara, one of the most physical defensmen in the league, is so physically imposing that his presence on the ice hurts Kessel’s game. Kessel is a finesse player who does not exactly respond well to a physical game. So once again, Chara makes one of the league’s top scoerers look silly.

Number Four- David Krejci

Krejci scored his second goal of the season in the 7-0 blowout, and his first since he came back from an injury in mid October. Krejci has had a rough go of things so far this season, his struggles on offense becoming more obvious. For Bruins fans, it was good to see the old Krejci back on a night where it seemed like things clicked everywhere where it had to.

Number Three- Milan Lucic

Lucic scored two goals on the game, and it finally seems like the 30 goal scorer of last year is turning things around. His chemistry with Tyler Seguin is becoming obvious, and he benefited tonight yet again playing with the 19 year old winger. The Bruins want more than anything for Lucic to turn it around, he can be one of their most important players.

Number Two- Bruins’ Offense Steps Up

The Bruins have these goal totals in games they have won this season; 3, 4, 5, 6,7. If you see the trend, the Bruins need to score goals to win games. They have been able to do this when they have to, but the Bruins need to either score more consistently or find a way to win without having to score as many goals. Right now though, that isn’t a big problem.

Number One- Tyler Seguin

What can be said about Seguin that hasn’t already been said? He scored his first career hat trick, and it was done by the middle of the second period. Seguin is continuing to grow as a player, and he has become arguably the best offensive player on the Bruins roster.

The Bruins return on Monday night when they take on the New York Islanders.


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One Response to “Five Observations: Bruins vs. Maple Leafs”

  1. John Candy
    November 9, 2011 at 1:15 am #

    Good but…
    All five observations are about the Bruins. Not exactly the most fair report, I mean you can make some statements about the home team, can’t you? 1) The Leafs need Reimer back –or–They are rushing Srivens too much in the NHL level. 2) Kessel hasn’t scored in three games. Will the NHL’s top point getter have another slump like he did last year?
    Maybe balance it out a little bit more next time.