Five Observations: Bruins vs Lightning

The Boston Bruins have now lost two of their last three games following tonight’s loss to the Tampa Bay Lightning, 5-3. It was the Lightning’s first win of 2012, as they had been on a seven-game losing streak. Here are my five observations…

Number Five: Daniel Paille

Daniel Paille had three break aways in this game and scored on one. Paille, who is kind of known for not scoring on his break away chances, had one of his best games in a while. He was there on defense, and had many scoring chances.

Number Four- Tim Thomas

Is it Tuukka Time? Thomas has played in the last two Bruins losses, and in the loss to Carolina on Saturday he allowed the game winning goal with 1:45 left in the game. Tonight he let the Lightning score with 3:45 left. Thursday night in Newark, we are likely to see Rask in net.

Number Three- Nathan Horton

Horton was called out by head coach Claude Julien, who said that Horton had to play better and put out a better effort. It seemed to have worked tonight. Horton scored two goals in the game. He is known for being streaky, so maybe this is just want he needed.

Number Two- Low Scoring

The Bruins have not scored more than three goals since Thursday. They scored three against Montreal, two against Carolina, three against Florida (four of you count the shootout goals) and three tonight. Is the Bruins low scoring a concern? I don’t think so, lulls happen throughout a season and the Bruins were due.

Number One- Mini Slump?

The Bruins have lost two of their last three, and four of their last ten. While some people may be ready to panic, I’m not. Thomas may need a break and that might be about it. They have scored five or six goals a lot this season, it’s not too surprising that they go into a *little* slump, and it is not too much to worry about when they are a +69 in the league.

The Bruins return on Thursday against the Devils.


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