Five Observations: Bruins vs Islanders

The Boston Bruins are now in the playoffs, and one step closer to clinching the North East Division with their 6-3 win over the New York Islanders this afternoon. Here are my five observations.

Number Five- Scoring

The Bruins were tied 2-2 with the Islanders going into the third period, and scored four in that third. They made the score 4-2 mid way through, but the Islanders would make it 4-3. However, the Bruins would score two goals in 24 seconds to make it 6-3 and seal their win.

Number Four- Marty Turco

Marty Turco played a pretty good game for the Bruins today, and if the Bruins can clinch the division soon, then they might see a lot more of him as the season winds down. As soon as they clinch, you can be sure that Tim Thomas will be resting.

Number Three- Second Line

The second line was the Bruins best line today. Tyler Seguin, Brad Marchand and Patrice Bergeron all scored in this game. Marchand and Seguin scored their 27th goals, and have an outside shot at reaching thirty each.

Number Two- Twenty Goals

The Bruins now have six 20-goal scorers in their lineup, with Chris Kelly scoring his twentieth goal of the season. The rest of those scorers are Patrice Bergeron, Seguin, Marchand and David Krejci, who scored two goals this week.

Number One- Playoffs

With the Bruins now in the playoffs for sure, and just two points away from clinching the division, the Bruins are going to be finally able to let some of their top players rest down the stretch.

The Bruins take on the New York Rangers tomorrow night.


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