Five Observations: Bruins vs Coyotes

The Boston Bruins have now won seven games in a row, their second streak that has reached that many games this season. The Bruins 2-1 win came at the expense of the Phoenix Coyotes, via overtime. Here are my five observations.

Number Five- Dennis Seidenberg

No, he did not get the game winning goal, as it was changed to Chris Kelly moments after the game’s completion. However, it would have been Seidenberg’s second goal in as many games, and while he does not get this one, his play has upgraded. It was obvious the confidence he showed in this game came from his goal against the Florida Panthers.

Number Four- Tuukka Rask

Rask made 20 saves on the night against a Coyotes team that fought back, and fought back hard. Tim Thomas has stolen the show this season, much like Rask, but Tuukka is also having an impressive season. If not for the Conn Smythe winner’s play, Rask would be a top goalie in this league.

Number Three- Boring Game

This was one of the most boring games the Bruins have played in a long time. They could only get off 28 shots on the site, and they had trouble getting through the Phoenix traffic in front of the net. The ice quality did not help, but we will get to that in a moment. Maybe the style of play was a good sign for the Bruins, as they showed they can win any type of game they play in.

Number Two- Ice

If this didn’t prove why teams should not play in Arizona, I don’t know what will. The ice quality had to be the worst I have ever seen in an NHL game, and it showed its true colors if a fast team like the Bruins were incapable of playing their game when it had nothing to do with the other team on the ice. ┬áIt makes you wonder why they put teams in cities where they don’t know what ice is.

Number One- Winning

The Bruins just keep winning, in any way shape or form. Whether it be against a hot team, a good goaltender, or bad ice, the Bruins just keep winning. This group just has elite chemistry right now. We saw it when Adam McQuaid fought Raffi Torres after his elbow on Andrew Ference. This team just knows how to win hockey games.

The Bruins return on Saturday, New Years Eve, against the Dallas Stars.


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