Five Observations: Bruins vs Capitals

The Boston Bruins have lost for the first time in the 2012 playoffs, falling 2-1 to the Washington Capitals in double overtime on Saturday night. The series now shifts to Washington, DC for Game 3 on Monday with the series tied 1-1. Here are my five observationsā€¦

Number Five- Second Line

The line that has done nothing in this entire series is the second line. Brad Marchand took two penalties today while Tyler Seguin and Patrice Bergeron did littleĀ noticeableĀ besides putting themselves off sides.

Number Four- Beniot Pouliot

One positive for the Bruins tonight was Beniot Pouliot, who scored the goal to tie it for Boston in the third period. Pouliot has been a clutch player with the Bruins all season, with ten of his 14 goals being in the game winning category.

Number Three- Fatigue

As the game wore down into the fifth period, it felt like the Bruins were really starting to show fatigue. It showed the most on the last play of the game, when neither Greg Zanon nor Johnny Boychuk could clear the puck.

Number Two- Tim Thomas

It bothers me when I saw after the game most people blaming Thomas for the loss. Maybe that last goal could have been saved if he was less fatigued, but don’t blame him for carrying a team on his shoulders for a team who scored one goal all game.

Number One- Braden Holtby

The Bruins have to take Holtby seriously now. The young Capitals goaltender has dominated the Bruins this series, allowing just two goals in eight periods the entire series. He is the key to the rest of it.


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