Five Observations: Bruins vs Canadiens

With the Winnipeg Jets’ win in Philadelphia and the Boston Bruins’ loss to the Montreal Canadiens, the Bruins are now the worst team in the Eastern Conference with only six points. The Bruins fell 2-1 last night to their rival Canadiens, hitting a low for the season. Nine games into the season, Boston has four games where they scored one goal or fewer. Here are my five observations from their defeat.

Number Five- No Quality Shots

The lone Bruins goal on the night wasn’t even their own doing; to start a power play, Tomas Plekanec of Montreal won a face off so cleanly that it shot right by Carey Price in net. The goal gave the Bruins a 1-0 lead, their only lead, and goal, of the night. The Bruins had 30 shots on net, but none of them felt like quality chances or like they had a shot at going on. A late Nathan Horton shot was a prime example, as Horton shot it into Price’s pads, where all he had to do to score was shoot top glove-side.

Number Four- Poor Third Period

The Bruins had energy for most of the game. While they did not get many quality shots, it felt like they were winning the puck possession battle. The third period, however, became very sluggish as it became later. Montreal, who was just trying to defend their lead, was getting more shots on and they did a fantastic job pinning the puck to the board, and eating away precious seconds.

Number Three- Power Play

Power play being a concern? Going 1-for-6 with five shots on the so called man advantage. The power play continues to be stagnant and, in all reality, all around horrible. It is once again an issue they have to fix; it is not only not scoring, but the other team is just constantly clearing. The power play actually looked to be getting back on track in earlier games. But now, yet again, it is the Achilles heel of the Bruins.

Number Two- Brad Marchand

Marchand does not have a point in six straight games for the Bruins. Not a goal, not an assist. Nothing. And last night he got in a fight with PK Subban, and seemed preoccupied on getting his bout with him all night. Marchand was hit hard by Subban in a game last season, and he wanted revenge. But in his thoughts of vengeance, how much was Marchand’s head in winning the game? Something that the Bruins might have to think about…

Number One- So Much For That Puck-Moving Defenseman

Joe Corvo once again looked invisible in the Bruins offensive attempts, and was on the bad end of many defense showings. Another puck moving defenseman gone wrong in Boston? It is still very early, just nine games in, but the Bruins may want to reconsider their approach on the oh-so-valuable puck moving defenseman.

The Bruins play again on Saturday night to the Belle Centre to face the Canadiens again.


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