Five Observations: Bruins vs. Blue Jackets

The Boston Bruins picked up a thrilling shootout win over the Columbus Blue Jackets by a score of 2-1 on Thursday night. The game could be described as a snoozefest at first, with only two goals being scored throughout the entire game. Then things got interesting late in the third period, and it led to the Bruins shootout victory. Here are my five observations from the game.

Number Five- Letdown Bounce Back?

This was a game where the Bruins looked like they could be suffering a letdown throughout. And it made sense, seeing that they have won six straight games and were now playing the team with the worst record in the NHL. However, just minutes after Derrek MacKenzie of the Blue Jackets scored, the Bruins bounced back with a goal of their own, a good sign that they weren’t letting themselves fall too deeply into a lull.

Number Four- Creative Chances

Though the Bruins did not execute much early on, they showed signs of getting creative chances in front of the net. Brad Marchand and Tyler Seguin especially showed this, but other players like Benoit Pouliot and Gregory Campbell did as well. Overall, the Bruins did not get enough shots on goal throughout the game, and maybe it was because at times they confused “fancy” with “creative,” and sometimes even “sloppy.”

Number Three- Tyler Seguin

How many times has Seguin been here? And did you know that he is not even on the Bruins all-star ballot? Once again, he showed tremendous skill and talent that separated him from the rest of the pack on both teams. Yes, it was his second straight scoreless game — his season high in that aspect — but he still showed dominant ability throughout the night.

Number Two- Lack of Physicality

The lack of physicality was evident throughout the night. Shawn Thornton started a fight with Jared Boll in hopes of changing this, but it did not change. And we all know what happens when the Bruins cannot get physically engaged in games.

Number One-  Slower Pace

After a period of five games where the Bruins scored five goals or more, the last two games have seen a slower pace. Last game against the New Jersey Devils, they exploded in the third period, but the game still carried a more calm pace than the ones previous. This game was more of the same, with not much scoring or action in general from both sides.

The Bruins return to the ice on Saturday night when they face off against the New York Islanders.


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