Five Observations: Bruins Shut Out by Sens

The Bruins suffered a 1-0 loss on Tuesday night to the Senators. The loss puts the Senators just one point behind Boston in the Northeast Division race. Here are my five observations.

Number Five- Defensive Shots

Do I complain about this every game? Yes, I do. The Bruins are still taking way too many shots from the point. Especially on the power play, where it seems like the goal is to get the puck to the point. The forwards need to close in around the net. Elite power plays do that, and that is why the Bruins power play is mediocre at best.

Number Four – Tim Thomas

This was a game where the Bruins didn’t have a lot of energy to start, and did not get off too many shots. Tim Thomas allowed the first goal, sure, but he was screened by Daniel Alfredsson. For the rest of the game, he was a stone in the net, making several ridiculous saves to give the Bruins some offensive momentum.

Number Three- Defense Without Boychuk

The Bruins really missed defenseman Johnny Boychuk tonight. Joe Corvo saw more ice time than usual, and that’s not a good thing when he is slated to become the seventh defenseman. Dennis Seidenberg and Zdeno Chara found themselves beat at times, if nothing else but from the fatigue of so much ice time. With Greg Zanon and Boychuk possibly in the lineup on Thursday, this defense should be solid again.

Number Two- Too Many Ottawa Shots

By the mid third period, Thomas had made 33 saves on 34 shots. That’s too many shots allowed by the Bruins defense. Does this go in line with the shots that the defensemen are taking? Do they need to focus more on stopping shots than taking them? Is it connected at all?

Number One- It’s a Race

With the loss, the Bruins now have just a one-point lead on the Ottawa Senators. If they had wom, they would have a five point lead. That is a four-point swing, making this loss all the tougher, and it has to stick with them. Fortunately, they have five games in hand, but it is now a race.


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