FHC Coaches Clinic: Value on the Rise

Coach Brouwer:  Braden Holtby by far raised his value up the most; he went from a starter in Hershey, who played just seven games in the NHL to a clutch Stanley Cup playoff goalie. As a rookie he has already played more Stanley Cup playoffs game then any other goalie in the Washington Capitals franchise. Holtby was a rock star, making many big saves. He played 14games, winning seven of them and posted a .935 SV% and a very low 1.95GAA. Of the 14 games six went to overtime, including two that went multiple periods of OT. Despite only winning two of the OT games, he proved he could handle the pressure of next shot wins the game. There is no doubt that he will be the starter next season, Holtby is the man. Expect Tomas Vokoun to sign somewhere else and Michal Neuvirth to be the back up, likely 60-40 for Holtby. Honorable mention for Chris Kreider who has shown tremendous speed and scoring ability, he is going to be a dominant fantasy player one day.

Coach Perry: I think I’d have to go with Braden Holtby. He was supposed to be the goalie of the future and is proving himself to be the goalie of now. He has stolen games for the Capitals and allowed them to play as if they aren’t going to get scored on no matter how bad the turnover. The interesting thing is, despite increasing his fantasy value; I think that he could force a few bad mistakes for GMs expecting the world out of him next season. The announcers love him. Keep showing his parents in the stands. Fans love that stuff and it etches itself into their memories and hearts. A few mistakes here or there, even if they cost playoff games, will all be forgotten in September when people are reaching for him as a top 10 goalie in seasonal leagues. I think he has the stuff to be a solid fantasy option. However, I think people will also overvalue him next year. Young goalies get scouted in the off-season, they struggle in their second and third years. He will get goal support, but I think this amazing playoff run has unfairly inflated his value the most in seasonal leagues, but rightfully cemented himself in keeper leagues. I think Schenn will have the biggest fantasy impact next year, especially if Philadelphia moves James Van Riemsdyk or lose Jaromir Jagr to free agency

Coach Harling: Braden Holtby has raised his value the most. Schenn and Kreider are highly ranked prospects are already had tremendous fantasy value in name alone. While Gustafsson has little to no name recognition and raised his value by becoming known, he is a young defenseman with a bright future but not an elite fantasy producer. Holtby has had NHL auditions in the past and played well. As such he is relatively well known as the future in goal for Washington. When the playoffs began and both Tomas Vokun and Michael Neuvirth were sidelined with injuries many were writing off the Caps chances for success in the post season. But Holtby has stepped up and delivered a impressive performance taking them within one win of the Eastern Conference finals. With Vokun set to become a UFA on July first, there is little doubt he will not be back and Holtby has won the starting role for the 2012/2013 season. A word of caution to fantasy owners thinking of investing in Holtby, remember James Reimer?

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