FH201: That Blasted Crooked Line

You have seen it in your nightmares. Your team is looking great. Everything is perfect and then out of the blue it happens. The following scenario plays out. Fantasy team is up big and all your goalie and star player have to do is not screw up.

Add in one 7-2 home drubbing later and there is a recipe for mass fantsy panic almost instantly.

If you have not had this happen to you, then well you’re a very lucky and rare soul. By the way, this really did happen in Wednesday’s game between the Calgary Flames and Vancouver Canucks.

Scoring Summary
1st Period
Vancouver 2:00, Mason Raymond 5 (Andrew Alberts, Ryan Kesler)
Vancouver 8:51, Jeff Tambellini 4 (Alexander Edler, Mason Raymond)
Calgary 10:01, Tim Jackman 3 (Mark Giordano, Cory Sarich)
2nd Period
Vancouver 3:05, Daniel Sedin 14 (power play) (Ryan Kesler, Henrik Sedin)
Calgary 6:22, Alex Tanguay 7 (Matt Stajan, Jarome Iginla)
3rd Period
Vancouver 1:03, Mason Raymond 6 (shorthanded) (Manny Malhotra)
Vancouver 6:16, Alexandre Burrows 4 (Henrik Sedin)
Vancouver 15:37, Mason Raymond 7 (power play) (Mikael Samuelsson)
Vancouver 17:56, Dan Hamhuis 3 (power play) (Jeff Tambellini, Raffi Torres)

There is something to be said here about what happened and no I am not talking about Dan Hamhuis scoring another goal. This game was 3-2 early in the third period when Calgary committed a killer turnover that led to a shorthanded goal that at 4-2 pretty much iced the game to most.

Thankfully the one player I did have was pretty much left off the scoreboards. I often laugh at the notion when a person says I have never had this happen directly to my team. Again it happens to everyone. Watching the four-goal outburst by a squad who has acted like a team in turmoil.

I would have never believed the video of this game had I saw it with my own eyes. At the fourth goal (the shorthanded tally), one thought that Miikka Kiprusoff would be done for the night but he was allowed to stay for more punishment. Yes the game was close at 4-2 but honestly Calgary was off all night and Vancouver was happy to take advantage of that fact.

Here is the strange thing about fantasy hockey these days. Blowouts like these happen all the time and one can almost (note I said almost) see it coming. Also they wreck your fantasy weeks if you have enough players on the wrong side of one.

These are the mother of all stinkers. No they cause even more fantasy havoc than those turkeys. In leagues where individual scoring is paramount as opposed to a standard fantasy league, these crooked lines hurt more.

This leads to the heart of the matter. Can these be spotted? Not always but one can definitely be vigilant. One may not see them coming all the time but at least pay attention to trends every so often, they actually can and will pan out sometimes.

Just be wary when you look at the numbers out there. Some are not as straight forward as you think. Keep that in mind and see you next week with more next level material.


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