FH 201: Trade Rumors And You

This sounds like something out of a bad 1950′s film that ended up being shown during your rained out recess. Is it really that far fetched? At one time, it used to be. However, now if you do not at least pay attention to them, it can have far reaching effects down the road for your fantasy team.

Yes I really am talking about trade rumors on a post like this. Here is why. Nothing impacts a player quite like being traded. Sometimes this is for the good and others it is for the bad.

Then there is the added dimension of what it can do to fantasy teams. For the longest time, this really was deemed an unknown quantity. Now there is a responsibility for the fantasy owner to make sure to keep up with some of these rumors.

On the other hand, this can go too far. This is the time of year where rumors start flying from every direction and every conceivable angle. The chief purveyor of good but mostly bad is HFBoards, which is a good forum and all but a person can get all wound up at the endless stream of rumors that are out there.

It really can get to the point where someone would say it has gone too far.  Could it get to where a person may over worry about their fantasy hockey team? It sure could and has to many the fantasy hockey GM.

There is one place that I go to for a catalog like look at trade rumors. This really is the gold standard of where to go to for the fantasy hockey fan. Check out Spectors Hockey if you can on a daily or close to daily basis. What Lyle does that few can do is he is able to sift around what is the crap you do not want to read as opposed to the rumors you do want to pay attention to. That is what the fantasy hockey fan needs to know is what has the best chance of happening. Latest scoops like that are a godsend especially for trade value, buying low or selling high, and much much more.

There is a thin line in rumors and always the precept that 95% of rumors pretty much come up unfounded. Then one gets to the quiet ones that kind of linger beneath the surface until the igniter hits and no longer can the rumor be hidden anymore.

Ultimately Jamie Langenbrunner will eventually be traded and this may even occur sometime on Friday, but think about what is at stake here from a fantasy perspective. Some even on this site will potentially get angry for what I have to say here. In the fantasy hockey world, one does not even care if Langenbrunner is a great guy. All that is cared about is will he produce for my team?

For the record, he has vastly underperformed all season and some have even gone as far to say his distraction is a small reason why New Jersey has been so “off” all year. We are not here to debate that fact. All I or anyone can do is take a look at his production, or lack thereof, and try to figure out what will work best depending on the fit.

Dallas is the one destination that makes the most sense. He would be reunited with former player, now GM, Joe Nieuwendyk. Plus, Dallas has a pretty good mix where a veteran like Langenbrunner is needed. Add in the relatively low cap hit of about 1.45 million pro-rated and this one seems like a match made in yes, we went there.

Truthfully there are other contenders in the mix that should be made aware of. Philadelphia was and is definitely hard at work according to some. Teams like St. Louis, San Jose, and maybe one or two not quite known are also in the running. Some will claim that an announcement could have been made tonight but no one is really at liberty to say if that is true or not. The only thing known for fantasy owners hoping that Langenbrunner will be freed is this.  At some point, he will be traded from New Jersey and it will be to a contender.

Just think, he will have 40+ games with that contender, where he could produce 25-30 points if on the right line combination. That is a lot better than the paltry numbers being put up now. From the fantasy hockey side of things, it is exactly how a trade rumor like this should be looked at. This is a rumor with a likely resolution of a change of address.

Some have already asked what if this does not result in a trade?  Eventually it would happen if this one did not. Pretty much there is a 90-10 chance that this one is done by morning with the likely destination being Dallas.

In the coming weeks, there will be more on the seedy side of trade rumors that fantasy hockey people almost cringe from and that is something we will approach leading all up to the trade deadline. This impacts players and teams more than most think and is often overlooked in the later stages of fantasy hockey seasons.

Until next week, good luck with your fantasy hockey teams and as always no question is too big or too small. You can ask them on twitter. Just tag us @TheProgramBTR and put #InsideHockey on it. Thank you so much.


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